UPDATED: Two people accidentally shot at gun show honoring Gun Appreciation Day


safety first

First a security guard leaves gun unattended in restroom at K-8 charter school, and now this.

At a North Carolina gun show intended to honor (snark) Gun Appreciation Day, two people were accidentally shot, and the show was shut down. It will, however, continue tomorrow sans private gun sales.

Having a few gun safety issues, firearm zealots? Yay, Gun Appreciation Day! Yay, guns! Family fun! But of course, I'm sure these people grew up around guns and knew exactly what they were doing.



Raleigh, N.C. — Officials said the Dixie Gun and Knife Show will continue Sunday without private gun sales after three people, including a retired sheriff's deputy, were injured Saturday when a gun brought in by a patron who planned to sell it accidentally discharged.

I hate when that happens

H/t: Mediaite ("Two People Accidentally Shot At Gun Show In Honor Of Gun Appreciation Day")

UPDATE (h/t: @Wilson46201 ):

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A person who was loading a gun outside of the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show at the State Fairgrounds was accidentally shot when his gun discharged Saturday afternoon.

And the hits keep on comin'... literally.

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