Security guard leaves gun unattended in restroom at K-8 charter school


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Here's the bad news: A security officer at a charter school in Michigan that serves kindergarten through eighth graders left his gun in one of the school bathrooms.

Here's the good news: It wasn't loaded.

Here's the bad news: He was seriously careless.

Here's the good news: Nobody got hurt.

Here's the bad news: There are too many firearm "mishaps" involving careless, stupid, unskilled, inexperienced, drunk, well-meaning-but-incompetent, hostile, or otherwise reckless gun owners.


Lapeer, MI -- A security officer at a Lapeer charter school left a firearm unattended in a school bathroom on Monday, Jan. 14, a school official said.

The security officer "made a breach in security protocol" and left an unloaded weapon in a restroom "for a few moments," said Chatfield School Director Matt Young. Young said the school has been in contact with local authorities about the matter and wouldn't discuss any possible repercussion for the officer, calling it "a personnel matter."


This man was there to protect students. Instead, he put them in potential danger. If the gun had been loaded and a child had found it in those "few moments," it could have been disastrous. Thankfully, none of that happened... this time.

More guns are not the answer.