Video- Fox's Ablow: Obama Won't Fix Mental Health System Because He Wants Americans To Feel Weak


You'd think they have the Mad Libs heme under the desk and just randomly pick words to accuse the President of. Via.

  • flan59

    The fact is, we haven't done enough to help millions of americans with serious mental illness, and who also have a co-ocurring brain disorder, Anosognosia, which robs them from understanding they are sick, get the treatment they need. 

    However, that problem has nothing to do with gun violence, and neither party is doing a good job at tackling this very real problem.

    The NY mental health law in the news is called Kendra's Law.  Since we have set the bar at "dangerous" to commit anyone into an in-patient treatment program, the next level is "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" which requires the person who is untreated, to have  a history of violence, and to have cycled in an out of the ER or Jail for a certain period of time, before the court can order them into an outpatient treatment program.

    The problem is that not all states have such a law, and the one in CA is not being implemented and other states do not have the money to enforce them.  This is why I support a National Assisted Outpatient Treatment law. 

    Please sign this petition.
    The next step is to help the millions of americans who never get violent into treatment. They remain the forgotten population - prisoners of their own mind.  They become homeless, get thrown in jail for non-violent offenses, are victimized, and die very young.

  • While other News outfits pick people's brains, Fox gets their speculations using a Speculum #vomitingFreelyNow