Video- Fox's Doocy Attacks New NY Gun Violence Prevention Law With Lie That Assault Weapons Are Not Particularly Lethal


Seriously, huh? I can count on Doocy to keep me in video. Via.

  • kimbutgar

    I wonder how he would feel if someone showed up on his door step with one of those assault weapons would he feel the same way? This doffus is only doing his marching orders. He is reading his prepared script by teleprompters. He is a paid media whore who would sell his own family if he could make more money. 

  • r_dale

    As I've been saying to everyone who quibbles about what is an "assault weapon," tell that to the parents of the kids in Sandy Hook. They sure as hell got "assaulted" with that weapon.

  • brian

    well, if they aren't "particularly" more dangerous, then shouldn't we ban ALL dangerous weapons?