VIDEO-- Peggy Noonan: "People are buying guns like crazy now. Not because they're nutty..."



Good grief, speaking of "nutty," can Peggy Noonan sound any more sanctimonious? Her level of "concern" and condescension is only surpassed by her phony sincerity and inability to stick to facts.

Thankfully, Paul Krugman was there to counter all that with reality checks and reason.

From the ABC transcript:

NOONAN: I think it should be noted that we have a president. I think it should be noted that he should be sitting down and talking with those who would move -- attempt to move forward on spending. I consider it unusual that this president can never make a deal with those folks.

KRUGMAN: But this is not something you negotiate over. You do not negotiate with hostage-takers. That's the White House position. They're right about that. You just don't negotiate on this. You can negotiate on the sequester, you can negotiate on taxes, but not on someone who is threatening to blow up the world economy if he doesn't get his way.

NOONAN: My goodness. That appeared to be the White House attitude on the fiscal cliff just a month or two ago.

KRUGMAN: It's very different.

NOONAN: Why can nothing ever be worked out? We do have a president. We do have legislative leaders. We do what should be noted, have a spending crisis in America. It is not an eccentric thing to worry about the amount of spending that America does. The income, the outcome and the long-term promises.

KRUGMAN: This is really -- this is a doomsday -- this is really saying I will blow up the world unless you give me what I want. And you don't negotiate on that.


NOONAN: Yes, two things I'd like to say, one is that people are buying guns like crazy now. Not because they're nutty, not enough because they're angry, but because I really think they fear their country is falling apart.

It's defensive and it's something that I think we all have to be talking about. There's so much anxiety out in America. And they also fear their government.

Second thing, I guess connected to that, leave gun control and gun reform issues in the Congress of the United States, the president should not be issuing executive orders in this area. It would really be unwise and it will cause great problems, I would think. [...]

STEPHANOPOULOS: It seems that the White House believes that if the president doesn't move quickly, nothing is going to happen.

KRUGMAN: That's right. This is the moment. And he certainly has to be seen to be doing something. And by the way, it is crazy to be out there buying guns right now. People are afraid, you know, the reality of life in America is that it's safer than it has been in decades.

If we walk out of this studio and walk through Manhattan, your chance of getting mugged are less than they have been since, I don't know, 1960. I mean, this is a -- so this is an odd thing, this is a mental state, not about the reality of America.

NOONAN: No, no, no...

KRUGMAN: The big revelation here has been we've realized -- I didn't know, that the NRA is no longer about gun owners. It's actually representing the firearms industry. And that's something we've learned. So...

  • Anyone who stockpiles guns and buries them is a lunatic. To think you can stand against the full might of the USA today is insanity beyond belief. The 2nd Amendment was written for Musket vs Musket and is moot today. If you think you can defend yourself with your bushmaster and 5000 rounds against Apache Helicoptors, Night Vision, Satellite Imagery and the courage of US Navy Seals you're nuts. Think about Ruby Ridge and Waco (no defense for them here) Think about Saddam and his million man army. He thought he would fight the mother of all wars. How did that work out for him. This idea that we must be armed to the teeth to protect ourselves from a Tyrannical Government is pure paranoia. Look at countries like Canada and the UK, strict gun control but no dictators tried a Coup, and less than 100 gun deaths a year whhile the US has over 11,000. This gun mentality only feeds the insecurity, and paranioa in some to shoot teenagers for having their music too loud, or walking where they don't look like they belong, or going to a movie or to school that day.

  • Yep.  I think about this regularly, and at first it spurs me on to attempt another...then I remember the rest of the story and I just feel exhausted.

  • jillibrown

    "... because I really think they fear their country is falling apart."

    Only residents of planet paranoia believe that hooey.  The intellectually weak that buy into the fear mongering.

  • mellowjohn

    otoh, nooners didn't sound nearly as shitfaced this morning as she usually does.

  • Just... wow.

  • The same people who are buying the guns are the same that do not understand the issue of the debt ceiling AT ALL.

    I was at a restaurant the other day for lunch.  The tables on either side of our booth had people talking about the debt ceiling.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I turned around and said, "excuse me - I couldn't help over hearing your conversation - it's pretty quiet in here today.  I feel it's important that I interrupt you.  Are you in a position to confirm that you may not understand all that there is about the debt ceiling, and that someone may be selling you a bill of goods regarding this argument?"  

    Interestingly, they were open to my comments, and we had an excellent discussion.  I got one of their email addresses, and the convo has continued, and both are now actually understanding of this issue now, and are pretty pissed over their previous misunderstanding, based solely on what they'd heard from others, who had been similarly uninformed.

    Even more interesting, is that as I was communicating with one of these individuals, he was emailing me back from his phone as he was purchasing two new guns at a local outlet...because, you know, they might be similarly misinformed about us wanting to take ALL their guns away.  *heavy sigh*  That job will NEVER be done.

    Misinformation all the way baby.  It's the Uhmerican Way.