VIDEO: Let's "get our facts straight about who has been better for the deficit, and who has been worse."


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Rachel Maddow:

"Republicans really like to talk about cutting the debt and cutting the deficit as if that is the long-standing prerogative of their party, but it was under Republican leadership that we have two debt-exploding rounds of George W. Bush tax cuts as well as two wars, without any plan to pay for any of it."

"... The Republicans took a massive budget surplus that they inherited in 2001, and they turned it into a massive budget deficit eight years later."

"You'd never know it from the way the deficit peacocks are crowing against this administration, but the deficit is now more than $200 billion smaller than it was when President Obama first took office. We are currently witnessing the fastest deficit reduction in this country since the end of World War II. That alleged "big spending liberal"-- Barack Obama-- has already signed into law approximately $2.4 trillion of deficit reduction measures over the last decade, and that total could be even higher, except the deficit peacocks on the other side of the aisle in Congress keep balking at debt reduction ideas like cap and trade, and the DREAM Act, and closing tax loopholes, all of which would reduce the debt and the deficit and all of which are policies that Republicans used to like....until President Barack Obama said that he liked them too, and then they turned against their own ideas."

Let's "... get our facts straight about who has been better for the deficit, and who has been worse."

Okay, Rachel, let's! Watch the video, and take a gander at these from that very video:

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