Report: U.S. health and life expectancy is lousy compared with peer nations. Guns are a factor.


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chart deaths in US v other countries- intentional

We the People suck at staying alive, let alone healthy, compared to our peer nations around the world, according to a report from the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine.

We live shorter lives and are in worse health than those in other wealthy nations. USA! USA!

L.A. Times:

The analysis of international health data, available here, determined that American men had the lowest life expectancy among men in 17 countries, including wealthy European nations, Australia, Canada and Japan. U.S. women had the second-lowest life expectancy (only Danish women fared worse.)

The study listed nine health areas in which Americans came in below average: infant mortality and low birth weight, injuries and homicides, adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, drug-related deaths, obesity and diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and disability.

But chin up! Turn that frown upside down! The U.S. has low cancer death rates and did well when it came to controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Let's hear it for those incessant Big Pharma Tee Vee ads, ladies and gents!

But here's the part that stuck out like a very sore thumb:

Gun use emerged as a factor: Americans were seven times more likely to die in a homicide and 20 times more likely to die in a shooting than their peers.

D'oh! Someone get the NRA on the phone, stat! We need to let them in on this! Oh, but I kid. Especially in light of proof that carrying a gun won’t protect you in a crisis, a factoid which falls on deaf NRA ears, because they want guns in every single school in 'Murika!

Again, the U.S. has the highest gun ownership per capita in the world. Instead, we have far more gun-related killings than any other developed country.

Marketing and selling more guns (thank you NRA) is not the solution.

Here's an interactive graphic where you can compare the U.S. ranking with the peer countries on specific causes of death.


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  • Adamis

    I'll try and keep it short...Your proof no proof...anyone with a half a brain can " shoot " (pardon the pun ) dozens of holes in it. Here are put a few. 1. These were barely kids lacking experience. With age and experience comes wisdom.2. The whole scenario was biased. They were " grasshoppers " expected to defeat the " expert " that trained them..3. To be objective they should have been trained by others.4. They should have remained unidentified to the shooter.5. The element of surprise was obviously a factor. It should have worked in favor of both parties.6. What if the door was locked and the shooters had to force their way in ? How would that have changed things ?7. What if there were more armed students in the theater with more experience and expertise maybe a few veterans ?8. I can go on and on....but won't out of respect to your wishes. I apologize if I was too lengthy......Subject: [thepoliticalcarnival] Re: Report: U.S. health and life expectancy is lousy compared with peer nations. Guns are a factor.

  •  Nor would I want to misfire and shoot myself or a bystander b/c I'd be in a struggle and I'd be no sharpshooter.

    You apparently missed this post:

    Now, in the future, if you want to write lengthy commentary, consider starting your own blog. Then you can cite all the studies you want the way you want to, and present your p.o. v. for everyone to read. Here at TPC, our commentary is our own, what we choose to present, what interests us, regardless of whether anyone agrees or disagrees, or even likes what we think is interesting.  We found this info interesting, as did many many others, including news outlets, blogs, TV shows, you name it, mainstream and otherwise. If you didn't, no problem. If you don't agree, no problem.

    But we really do try to keep our comments shorter here so others won't be put off.

    Oh, and your "gottalaff" joke? It's been done... to death. Maybe it's time to shoot it.

  • Adamis

    How many of those gun related deaths were in self defense against violent crimes such as rape, home invasions, robbery, etc. ?  and how many live s were saved as a result ?
    How many of the deaths were the result of law enforcement officials, police, FBI, etc. while on and off duty ?
    How many of those killed had criminal records or died in gang or drug related violence ?  Homicide rates have been stable and slightly declining for decades according to FBI and other data except for inner city teens and young adults involved in illicit drug trafficking, If one were to subtract those inner city numbers from the equation our homicide rates may even be lower than some of those other nations in your report.
    And I can go on and on. ALL the facts... not just those you and the MSM choose to highlight (as horrific, sad, and unfortunate as they may be ) would be relevant in our current situation not just  bits and pieces of misinformation used as a scare tactic to control the masses, undermine our constitution and rob us of our freedom and liberty. We must remember that guns do not kill by them selves they are tools created to facilitate  killing.  The real numbers show that gun control really doesn't work ( Chicago, Washington DC  to mention a few). I wish they did. Most reports show the opposite ...the less gun control the less crime , murder etc. Guns are also used for protection and in comparison to the lives lost per year in America due to guns there is a vast amount of lives that are saved. Why isn't the entire news industry reporting  that ?  As far as the government aggressively addressing the issue !  They want to make sure that the people don't have guns. Especially when they (the people) wake up and find out what the government and  bankers have been doing to them for the past 100 yrs. What's the first thing dictators do when  they come to power ? And what happens afterwards ?...enough said.  That's why the 2nd amendment was created . If our government really cared about innocent women and children they wouldn't  kill so many. You mentioned the polls ? I  " gottalaff  "....I remember a few months back the " polls "  saying some guy named Romney ( remember him ?) was running neck and neck and even ahead of Obama....well needless to say we all know how well that turned out.
    .........On any day you may find your self in a situation (as many women often do) where you leave some place like work or a restaurant and some weird guy starts to follow you.  So you cross the street or move to another subway car but there's no one around. As you fumble with the keys in your hand strategically placing them between your fingers as to possibly gauge his eye out,  you realize that this  may be it.... your time,  your rape,  your murder... I wonder if at that time you will  find solace in the assurance that " well at least he doesn't have a gun... after all that would be against the law " .... Take out your cell phone ....the police will get there in no time.  I'm sure YOU wouldn't stick a " very sore thumb " around a concealed weapon you were trained to use and were licensed to carry ! ..???...What statistic would you choose to be ?....victim or gun owner that would be relevant !

  •  The "motives of the author" were to report reputable findings, including the part that said this:

    "Americans were seven times more likely to die in a homicide and 20 times more likely to die in a shooting than their peers."

    That pertains to "our current situation" unless you don't count all the mass shootings and gun deaths that the entire news industry is reporting 24/7, the national polls that show 90% of America thinking gun regulation is needed, and our government aggressively addressing the issue.  Some would even call that relevant.

  • Adamis

    Suicides and war are  factored into this report.... how many of these countries were at war in 2008 ?....and considering that guns are an efficient means of committing suicide makes one question the motives of the author as well as the relevancy of this report as it pertains to our current situation in the U.S.....???