Video- Radio Host Alex Jones, Who Wants Piers Morgan Deported, Gets Crazed On CNN


Why is CNN giving this whackjob a platform? Ugh. Via.

  • So how do you have a dialog with people like this. How do you reach compromise with this kind of rigid ideology. The 2nd Amendment was written in an age of Musket against Musket. If any of these wingnuts think they can fight a Tyrannical Government with their Bushmasters, let them thinki about F117 Stealth Fighters, US Navy Seals, Snipers who can take you out before you hear the shot ( at1 1/2 miles), Night Vision, Drones, Satellite imagery. Still think you have a shot at going head to head with the power of the USA. Saddam thought so too! Not that I condone invading the wrong counrty because my president lied to me. Just Sayin!

  • "Radio Host Alex Jones, Who Wants Piers Morgan Deported, Gets Crazed On CNN"

    There you go, Paddy; fixed it for ya. 🙂

  • David G

    If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be truly hysterical... This is more of a Monty Python sketch than reality.  Nuts like this guy are really out there.   No wonder the Republican party gets some votes -- it's from these whack jobs armed with numbers they don't understand and guns they don't know how to shoot.  They're really the army of the insane.  DG