VIDEO: Here's proof that carrying a gun won't protect you in a crisis


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This post is dedicated to those who believe that the more guns we own, the safer we are. If that were true, we'd be the safest country in the world, since the U.S. has the highest gun ownership per capita in the world. Instead, we have far more gun-related killings than any other developed country.

Marketing and selling more guns (thank you NRA) is not the solution.

ABC's Diane Sawyer participated in an experiment involving several simulated gun attacks by surprise shooters on students who had been specifically trained to react to such circumstances. The outcomes were fascinating:

"[His gun] is stuck in his shirt. He can't even get it out to aim it."

"Had this event been real, Joey would have been killed in the first 5 seconds."

"His endless hours of practice... meant absolutely nothing.. This is just completely different."

"Police tell us that even ...handling a gun in a holster can be tricky if you don't stay in practice."

"A weapon alone won't save you if your body's in the wrong place... She took a deadly hit to the head... She's also confused about whether her shot hit the intruder."

One participant, Brian, froze in his seat, his hands on his desk. "In seconds, Brian was peppered with bullets."

Police officer: "You get so jacked up, that you tend to forget to do the simple things because your body elevates, your fine motor skills deteriorate..."

Even when Diane Sawyer knew what was going to happen, her own reactions were delayed: "You still can't get there in time."

Police officer: "It's too much for normal person to who's never been trained deal with. It's overwhelming."

Without ongoing training, under stress, without letting up, "it's a perishable skill. You'll lose it." Even a month or two without training makes you more susceptible.


Tomthunkit on YouTube:

Guns are offensive not defensive weapons. Yet the NRA has people fooled into thinking that a gun can actually save them in a crisis. Here's an video proof it cant.

Follow this link for more of what Tom had to say. Please watch the entire video, it's jaw-dropping.

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