Military assault rifles "were created to spray the enemy... because it was ineffective to assume young soldiers could become marksmen..."


nra la pierre

A long time online friend of mine, Ellen Kimball, left me the following comment on Facebook in response to my TPC post Assault weapons as hunting rifles? Why not use a flame- thrower to light a cigarette?

Michael Meade discussed the fact that military assault rifles were created to spray the enemy in a scattershot way, because it was ineffective to assume that young soldiers could become marksmen in the short period they had for any training before they went to war. They were designed to do the most damage to the largest number of targets. Now these totally indiscriminate shooting rampages can be seen at your local school or mall almost weekly.  Meade's organization is located in the state of Washington. He is very articulate on political matters, is heard frequently on KBOO community radio in Portland. He now blogs on Huffington Post and elsewhere. Cheers!

Mosaic Voices Multicultural Foundation

So even those trained to use military assault rifles, specifically trained to use specific weapons that are specifically used to kill multiple human beings, are not able to use them with precision. So, Wayne LaPierre, explain to us again why anyone but those in the military should be in possession of such dangerous, unpredictable firearms? Especially dangerous, unpredictable gun owners and teachers.

On second thought, don't. Nothing you say could possibly interest me or convince me that you are nothing more than a toxic, self-serving, harebrained pitch man for the gun industry who should be at the very top of that "national database of lunatics" you so desperately want to create.