VIDEO: "John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job." Sources say Paul Ryan may replace him.


boehner worst speaker ever

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True to form, Rachel Maddow does her usual excellent job, this time by putting the House of Representatives' last few years into perspective for us by chronicling John Boehner's bad-at-his-jobitude:

"You counted wrong... You had to shut everything down at emergency speed."

"Nancy Pelosi never lost a vote. She never once got so confused and lost such control of the group she was supposed to be leading that she did not know what they were going to do... She was good at her job. John Boehner is not good at his job."

"John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job."

"Is his job, in fact, impossible?"

"If... Republicans in Washington are... incapable of making governing policy.. then... this is a problem for which we may need to find the serenity, and the certainty, that it will not change."

The Boehner has a limp caucus. Yes, it's true, he he has lost control of his own caucus. Should this condition last longer than four hours years, it may be time to get help. And despite his apparent reliance on prayers like this one, he clearly needs stronger medicine:

serenity prayer

In fact, Sources say Paul Ryan may replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House (h/t: Gateway Pundit):

One thing did surprise me a little: Rachel's concern about falling off the fiscal curb. I thought she'd be more of an "Oh, just let it happen" type.