VIDEO: Fla Gov. Rick Scott ducks gun safety questions from CNN's Soledad O'Brien


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No matter how passionate Soledad O'Brien was, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get to square one with Governor Avoidy McGunGun who flat out refused to answer her directly. He ducked, he covered, he bobbed, he weaved, but true to form, Soledad was in his bald face.

But hey, he sure supports the Second Amendment.

Soledad O'Brien:

Okay. I think with all due respect, are you not going to answer my question, because I guess — I just want you to tell me what you'd be comfortable to support, and I get it, it's gonna be part of a conversation, but I think there have been a number of things on the table and I don’t feel like you’re telling me, you know, should people not be able to buy those high-capacity magazines? Some people suggested that. What thing are you willing to say would be a good start, that YOU would bring to the table in  any conversation about gun control?

Rick Scott (who kind of slurs his words, did you notice?):

Well, you know, my perch on things like this is, one, respect the families, mourn their losses, make sure our schools are safe, and then start the conversation and listen to Floridians. What I do every day is travel the state, almost, pretty much every day, and listen to Floridians and get their ideas and then come back, based on those ideas of what we can improve.

Soledad O'Brien:

Well, I that hope all those conversations turn into meaningful legislation somewhere down the road before I get to go out and cover another tragedy of which we’ve now done a bunch of them.

So to recap, what Gov. Avoidy will bring to the table is listening to others talk as he respects them. If that's not a man of action, nothing is.

Think Progress:

But Scott [argued] that “It is at just such times that the constitutional right to self defense is most precious and must be protected from government overreach.

  • 2nd Amendment only makes sense when talking about Muskets. We can't defend ourselves against a Rogue Government with these weapons. Would you go against Navy Seals with your Bushmaster? It's rediculous. There is no need for 100 round clips, 30 round clips and a definate need for a 6 month waiting period and a thorough background check which you pay for.
     I am a firearm owner and Civil War Collector who is for strict gun control. We can never bring those children back, but we can damn well make sure that it doesn't happen again. Let's man up here folks. I don't need my guns to survive. I only need my Cerebral Cortex!

  • Which governments or invaders or enemies domestic has the "...well regulated militia..." ever defended agains and saved the union? Well, there was the whiskey rebellion, Oh wait that was the well regulated guys defending an illegal action. How'd that work out for ya? Oh right, got your butts stomped.
    It is amazing that these 2nd amendment folks are pandering to less than 2% of the population and cower in their boots when LaPierre speaks from behind the curtain.
    What government overreach has there ever been that required the resistance of these fools.

  • The GOP is hurtling toward oblivion...