VIDEO- BLUNT: Another day, another shooting


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Blunt is a lot like letters to the editor. YOUR take, short, to the point.

You have a voice, now use it.

This particular Blunt is the most somber and painful one I've undertaken since I started producing them over two years ago. Special thanks to all who contributed, it couldn't have been easy.

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It’s your turn. Go.

  • Thank you Laffy and everyone who shared their thoughts. Tears.

  • I agree Laffy - this was not only heart wrenching, but some of your most outstanding work yet. So sad it had to be for this type of "event".

  • Sarah - I agree. The problem lies (I believe) in the way our fellow citizens view the world around them. Take for example the Wall St. fiasco. The CEO's and corps stole the lives and treasures of so many, and yet the only one who we see paying a price for this is Madoff. The rest of the CEOs with their multi million dollar paychecks are left free to do it all again, as soon as they devise a new way to screw us. There will conceivably be no justice for what they have done ever. Our children look and see this, and say to themselves "why should I play by the rules and work my way up to something, when these guys lied, cheated and stole their way to success"? Not only does it teach our children that the moral-less get ahead, but all the hard work some parents have done to instill value in them is blown to the wayside.  It's hard to raise a child to have values, when they see the only way to get ahead is to be morally bankrupt...

  • Sarah268

    While we're looking at legislation, we need to take a closer look at ourselves. Until we figure out how to inject some humanity back into society, you can ban all the guns you want, we're still creating monsters, and they'll figure out how to kill one way or the other.

  • Thank you, too. <3

  • Great job, Laffy. Thank you.

  • I have cried for days, it's not just for those who are lost - I cry for those who will still be lost before this madness is brought to an end. We have the voice - we have the will... what we don't have is people who will listen to those voices and do our will. Our legislators bear some of this guilt on their heads - they take NRA's blood money, and our innocents pay. How sad a country America has become. I cry for us all.