VIDEO: GOP Sen. Rob Portman protested at panel discussion for supporting Medicare, Social Security cuts


Remember Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio? For some time, there was talk of his becoming Willard Romney's running mate. That never happened. Instead, he chose this guy:

That "hurt a little" budget plan inspired this tweet:

Voters didn't like his ideas, and they expressed their disapproval at the ballot box.

Now, remember the town hall disruptions by the tea party back in 2009? If not, go here, because they're a little like the video below. Today Portman and a few other lawmakers and policy experts were part of a panel discussion on the fiscal cliff crossroads. However, the senator was interrupted by about a dozen protesters (who were nowhere near as rowdy as the tea baggers often were) who stood up, one by one, to challenge his support for GOP anti-social program policies like their Kill Medicare plan.

Turnabout's fair play:

Think Progress:

Things only got more tense once the protestors were escorted from the room. The cameraman captured Ed Haislmaier, a senior research fellow from the Heritage Foundation, shouting angrily at the crowd, and it appears that another individual tried to grab the camera before the footage cuts off.

  • cognachas4paws

    I can't watch the video for some reason so I'm not sure if this is included, but on Hardball yesterday I saw the protest and learned that Mr. Portman actually met with the protesters afterward and they discussed their concerns and even took a picture with him.

    Protest should lead to discussion - people need to talk TO each other and stop talking AT each other.  I realize there are unreasonable people in this world but the majority of us are reasonable and just want a reasonable debate and to be heard.

    While I do not agree with Mr. Portman's views, I do give him credit for meeting with the protesters and hearing their concerns.