VIDEO: Here we go again, another black Fla. teen shot, killed by a white guy claiming "stand your ground"


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Just what we need, the tragedy and injustice of another Trayvon Martin.  This time, an African American teenager named Jordan Davis and his friends were in a parked car playing loud music at a Florida convenience store, they wouldn't turn the volume down, so a fortysomething white guy pulled a gun and shot and killed Davis, who was sitting in the back seat. The man, Michael Dunn, who earlier had "a few drinks," fired eight times at four kids, hitting and killing Jordan with the only two bullets that hit anyone.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/AP

Dunn fled the scene, and now claims he was standing his ground, because clearly, see, he was "threatened," see, because loud music is as lethal as unarmed teens. Of course, he was so afraid for his life that he never bothered to call the police. He just started shooting.

He's been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Special thanks to Kush Arora Attorney at Law

  • This is on you Rick Scott. Show some leadership and get out in front of this. Stand Your Ground is a ridiculous law which unscrupulous Lawyers use to try to get clients clear of Murder. I smell a RAT here and don't think approaching someone's car and instructing them to comply with your idea of what's fair is Standing for anything but Racism!
    NOTE: I'm a White firearm owner who quit the NRA after 30 years over fear mongering about the 2nd Amendment and stupid laws like this which they pushed. Owning a firearm doesn't make you a BIG man, tolerance and understanding will.

  • Of course, he was so afraid for his life that he never bothered to call the police.

    And he "stood his ground" by fleeing the scene -- and the county . . .