Video- Fox's Krauthammer: Obama Is "Not Trying To Fix Our Fiscal Issues And Problems; He's Trying To Destroy The Republicans"


At this point all they do is project their own flaws. Via.

  • What an asswipe!  It's always about them, the liberal media is misrepresenting them, the administration is trying to besmirch them. It's BS so deep that one must wear stilts whenever you are near a Conservative. They surely alienate themselves, they relate to no one but those within their own radical world. The claim loudly to be Christian while attacking all races, creeds, genders and the socioeconomic underprivileged. They no nothing about real life in America for Workers, Blacks, Browns, Gays, Women or the Elderly. They disenfranchise the elderly by calling SS and Medicare Entitlements, when they are earned benefits and SS doesn't have any effect upon the deficit, they suppress the vote affecting Black, Browns, Elderly, Students and Progressives collectively and think we are blind, Won't remember, or are just as stupid as their dwindling base. They created this situation by holding the country hostage during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression without conscience, 300 filibusters aimed at tanking this president's agenda and the economy with it. They knew Sequestration would be looming if the DOA Super Committee failed to strike a deal, after loading it with Norquist's Anti Revenue Zealots.
     So here we are, POTUS  re-elected with a mandate to attack the deficit by asking the wealthy to pony up and pay their fair share (.004%). Of course this is too much to ask as without Corporate Cash the GOP is a Dead Horse not worth beating. Americans are tired of this, tired of the Trickle Down Myth, one might as well believe in Unicorns. We are tired of obstruction, tired of being taken hostage over every issue needing compromise to get solved.
    You have no leverage in this fight. Your, so called, winning the house was done with Gerrymandering and not held by the vote. You're kidding yourselves if you think by maintaining the same group think that you will somehow move voters under your tent. The truth is it will get worse for you in 2014 because we see the same shameless obstruction we watched in real time for the last four years. The chatter about soul searching and introspection is just lip service, while you continue to spout the same old talking points, which just got soundly rejected, about hurting the "Job Creators". You're a joke on the political scene world wide. Other countries are watching this clown show in real time as well.

  • cognachas4paws

    Um, the Republicans are destroying themselves.