PhotOH! Republicans agree, 332 is a landslide + Mitt Romney's ironic 47% popular vote


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Drat that pesky 47%, right Willard? Meantime, enjoy this Moment of Foxenfreude:


Video Moment of Gloat here.

And there's this:

H/t: Greg Ostravich

  •  LOL, lay people?

    Obama won. Get over it. If anyone was an "installation" it was Romney and the handful of billionaires who tried to buy him the WH.

    Facts are facts, and the GOP has yet to admit that they have no grasp of them. They bought into their own polls, ignored the stats, and they actually believed it was 2004 all over again. Reality, what a bitch.

  • Sally you are pretty funny. Don't know much about capital gains tax do you? Are you aware that Obama only pays 20% in taxes? Maybe you should go look that up. To boot, if he didn't make a $400k salaray for his "White House Job", then he would be paying the same amount as Romney. LET THE IGNORANCE PREVAIL!

  • Obama is an installation, not an election, by special interest. If they wanted Romney there then he would have been there. Something you lay people do not understand while you relish the victory of a re-election. This has nothing to do with an election. Sheep and the hypnotized liberal alike, will never know that in this lifetime. Too bad, the way you all run around distracted by all the smoke. There is a reason.

  • Sally

    Well, Romney got 47%, just as he was just the wrong 47%. This will haunt him the rest of his ill-gotten days. I hope all his untaxed millions bring him nothing but grief. Meanwhile, those of us who have EARNED our middle class status will have grandchildren who want to be in our arms, have educated kids who earned their spots at their chosen colleges, and did well enough in high school to get scholarships, and then they will be off into jobs that don't involve scewing someone else to get ahead. You know, helping others, treating others the way you'd like to be treated. I think someone famous, poor, and giving gave us that blueprint for life once.

  • Awesome post!