VIDEO-- Romney supporter: Pres. Obama's father was a "Muslim, an atheist, and a communist... All three."


Election observers believe that Ohio is the state most likely to decide who becomes our next President. These interviews were conducted with Ohio voters at a recent Romney rally in Defiance, OH.

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Produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviewer) & Erick Stoll.

Stop me if you've heard this one before: A Muslim, and atheist, and a communist walk into a bar... and they were all Barack Obama's dad.

These are the people who can't answer simple questions about their own claims. These are the people who claim their freedoms are being taken away... as they vote to take away the freedoms of others. These are the people who support Mitt Romney.

"Rapists shouldn't be allowed into this country."

I wonder if he'd say the same about ignorami.

"I don't believe that gay people should be given the same rights."

"Same sex marriage is unnatural... it would happen in nature. It doesn't."

H/t: @judme

  • kimbutgar

    It's amazing how ALL of these people are spouting Fox/Rush talking points. They are so brainwashed it is scary. They are going to lose their minds when the President is re-elected on Tuesday. I can't wait for their heads to explode!  So much hate and ignorance in one stadium is astounding. They don't realize rmoney is the guy who made a killing sending their good paying jobs overseas. There's no bliss in their ignorance.

  • Romney supporter: Pres. Obama’s father was a “Muslim, an atheist, and a communist… All three.”

    1.  Barack Obama, Sr. was not a communist
    2.  Barack Obama, Sr. is not running for re-election
    3.  Barack Obama, Sr. has been dead almost thirty years


  • cognachas4paws

    Well, now I know why one of the owner's of this site is called Gotta Laff - because you just have to.  At this point, I don't know what else to do.

    They have NO idea what they're saying, do they?  No that woman who couldn't tell Matthews what a communist was.

    I'm a political science grad student, in my last class, and I have to tell you, I'll be throwing a party when this election is over and Barack Obama can go on pissing off the fright wing for another four years.  Until then, I'm hiding under my bed.  🙂