TuhWEET! Chrysler executive to Donald Trump: "You are full of sh**!"


Our buddy Cliff Schecter tweeted this:

Ralph Gilles' (@RalphGilles) Twitter bio reads: "Vice President Product Design Chrysler LLC, CEO SRT & SRT Motorsport. Love how cool cars bring great people together."

And Ralph Gilles, Chrysler exec, tweeted this in response to a tweet by Donald Trump that you can see below:

Gilles called out Willard's BullshMitt, right out in the open for all to see.

Is this really where Team Romney wants to go? Apparently lying is much, much more important to them than running a campaign based on integrity and honesty...  and sadly, way too many Americans are willing to vote for someone they can't trust or believe on an hourly basis.

To those voters, see: Romney, Fake "storm relief event" and so much more.

  • Chrysler's take on "the donald"   has to include ,Mitt Ro"money" &  Paul Ryan.  If these guy eyes aren't brown, they should be.  

  • Makes me sad that Mitt, Trump, and the rest of their ilk call themselves Americans.

  • The American Taliban aka the Rethuglican party needs to be stopped in this election at all costs. Vote Obama/Biden 2012.

  • Chrysler executive to Donald Trump: “You are full of sh**!”

    Actually, The Combover's full of MITT.

    Same difference.