VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani refuses to answer question in heated exchange with Soledad O'Brien over Benghazi


"WMD? Nope, no weapons over there ... maybe under here?"

Rudy Giuliani went on for what seemed like more than a week about it taking more than a week for the Obama administration to call the Libya attack "spontaneous". Of course, as Soledad O'Brien pointed out, information changed as time went on and was shared as it came in, plus CBS reported that the evidence undermined right-wing charges of an administration “cover-up”.

Matthew Dowd, a former Bush administration official, reminded everyone that during the Iraq War, it took the Bush administration years to make its case and still got it wrong. Where was Rudy then?

CNN-- "This wasn't two weeks. This was months and months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this," Dowd said on ABC's "This Week."


"It took years...By jumping on so quickly and expecting accurate final answers within weeks is I guess unfair in a way."


"We're going to blame this on Bush, too?"

Um, Rudy? That's not at all what she (or Dowd) was saying. Answer the damn question.


"You got to stop putting words in my mouth, sir. Seriously, hang on. Let me finish. Every time I ask you a question, you like to push back as if somehow the question that's being posed to you is unfair. It's not. I'm a journalist. You said some things. I'm trying to get some accurate responses from you. You are welcome to answer. Go ahead."

Meanwhile, Romney’s version of meeting Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi was disputed by best friend, mother: “Pathetic & comical”, not to mention Christopher Stevens’ dad said that the Libyan ambassador’s death should not be politicized.

Yet there Rudy is, totally ignoring O'Brien's point while politicizing what's left of his brains out.

  •  Gee that wasn't anti-Semitic at all. 

  • We allow this to happen We allow Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to complete the Jewish agenda  It is clear that the incident was another manipulated action to force problems for President Obama and void anyone that has not been cleared  by the  Jewish Defense League  Why are Jews banking so much money off shore  Heinz has 28 billion in Switzerland banks and law enforcement is training for major civil unrest being generated through actions by Congress and the Supreme Court both controlled by Jews

  • paulkussmann

    Soledad is Great! But I fear  with her aggressivenes in getting answers she won't be tolerated for much longer in the corporate press....too bad....just like Cent Yugar..she'll be gone for corprate viewers...