VIDEO: Woman at VP Debate tells Chris Matthews that Pres. Obama is a Communist


"Just study it out."

I tweeted this out when I saw it live. This woman... this woman... just... I... she...

Never mind, I'll wait for your reactions. I'm too busy gnashing my teeth and seeing this clip again isn't helping my blood pressure, either.

Many of us wish Chris Matthews had asked her who "us" is. And a whole lot more.


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  •  Nobody can teach Fox mush heads anything... Nobody.

  • Keira

    If Obama is a communist her sorry butt would be in jail for speaking out against him. (NDAA)

  • Rude hey "Buddy" lady who can't explain what "communism" is or what one has to "study out" to get to that false conclusion, or why all Americans are not Americans "like us". Just overheard a woman at a Catholic Church rummage sale recommending that her friend read "Atlas Shrugged" because it was so good at describing what's going on in America today. She couldn't wait to read "Atlas Shrugged II". Wanted to tell her it was written by an atheist who hated religion can't fix stupid. Think I liked that book too when I was about 16 and didn't know any better. 

  • Scary stupid.

  • That woman doesn't even know what communism is.

  • Mike Louis

    I guess that Communist = African American.  I hate to profess mind reading powers, but in that dim witted overly entitled southern excessively made up bimbo's mind the over riding issue with Obama is that he is black, plain and simple.

  • Chris is a show is not his job to teach political science to a nitwit Fox viewer.

  • NuriaRodriguez

    She can't say what she means because she's on national television and is too afraid to say what she really means.  She's not voting for the black guy. 

  • Typical of the GOP to call a name without knowing what it means.

  • Ignorance is bliss.

  • Amy Grant

    Just trust her, she'll fill in the details after the election

  • molly_malone2

    Whoa . . . silly lady declares that President Obama is a communist, but can't define communist. Silly arrogant lady accuses of Mathews of not doing his homework, but won't tell him where she got her "information", saying, "Study it out for yourself." Silly, arrogant, stupid lady claims Obama is not an American, even though she admits he was born in the United States.

    Whatever world she lives in, it's not in this universe.

  • brattleboro

    Communist, as in "scary black man."

  • Paddy

    Totally a Glenn Beck fan,  remember the "studies" Beck promoted to "understand" PBO? Confused and frightened bigots.

  • GD Mathews!! This is why I despise the media. Do your friggin' jobs! 

  • The woman's one moment of fame in her life, probably like every other moment of her life, she makes no sense, and is afraid, very afraid, too afraid to make any sense.