WI Gov. Scott Walker tells radio host he's bewildered by the way things have gone since Paul Ryan was picked


We already knew Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was bewildered by a number of things, including, say, reality and ethics, but now we find out Willard Romney's running mate is beginning to boggle what's left of his mind.

Via Politico:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told radio host Charlie Sykes on Friday that he is bewildered by the way things have gone since Ryan was picked.

I thought (picking Ryan) was a signal that this guy (Romney) was getting serious, he’s getting bold, it’s not necessarily even a frustration over the way Paul Ryan’s been used but rather in the larger context. I just haven’t seen that kind of passion I know Paul has transferred over to our nominee, and I think it’s a little bit of push-back from the folks in the national campaign. But I think for him to win he’s gotta (do) that.

Walker added, “They not only need to use (Ryan) out on the trail more effectively, they need to have more of him rub off on Mitt because I think Mitt thinks that way but he’s gotta be able to articulate that…I think too many people are restraining him from telling (his vision).”

He not only sounds bewildered, he sounds disappointed, frustrated, and like someone who is now aware he's supporting a losing candidate.

Other conservatives were scratching their heads, too. Follow the link for details:

The conservative frustration with Ryan’s role comes at a critical moment in the campaign, when many in the GOP are openly fretting that Romney is letting the election slip away.

According to every poll I've seen lately, it's slipping, sliding, rolling, slinking, and scurrying away.

If Willard Romney manages his own campaign this poorly, imagine how he'd manage the country. No, on second thought don't. I'd hate to be responsible for your declining mental and physical health.

  • "But Maste- Mister Koch told me the last time he call that Ryan will win... hey, waitaminute!" ;D

  • smgess

    Does this not sound eerily like 2008, when Palin was whining that McCain's people would not let her off leash to attack even more? I don't however, remember her being booed by Republicans as Ryan was today. Gosh, guys, maybe the plan to lie about everything to a very savvy America was not such a great thing? In retrospect? Does the GOP do retrospect?

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    Off topic!

    But...the Shuttle Endevour flew right square OVER my house, on it's way from Long Beach back to LAX...a neighbor, our area "handyman" and I SCRAMBLED up on my roof to see!
    SO cool! And was I prepared with a camera, of course not...had no idea it was going to come this way. But, got to see it.

  • Hence my name, GottaLaff... or you cry.

    And thank you!

  • Great article. Your observations do make me laugh, when I am not crying.