VIDEO: AARP crowd boos Paul Ryan, but TV commentators call it a "mixed reaction."


Here is a video of Paul Ryan addressing the AARP’s National Annual Conference in New Orleans. They weren't exactly supportive, yet he said:

"I had a feeling there'd be mixed reaction..."

This is what he calls mixed reaction? Ryan thinks a group "Boooooo!" means some of the audience members we're okay with what he said? Since when is video of a spontaneous, audible group "Booooo!" the least bit confusing?

Via Think Progress:

Ryan also denied that his proposal would offer seniors a voucher, despite previously claiming, “you can call it a voucher.”

Hypocrisy R Us.

Someone explain this to me: Paddy called me after watching reaction to this clip from Alex Wagner and Andrea Mitchell who also said the response from the AARP crowd was "mixed." Seriously? Were they watching the same segment we see here? Anyone hear a smattering of applause, coos of approval, or an "attaboy"?

Me neither.

  • Gotta keep that "both sides are equal" meme going, you know.......sorta like FOX's Fair and Balanced crap.

  • Maybe they were expecting Honey Boo Boo ;D

  • AARP crowd boos Paul Ryan, but TV commentators call it a “mixed reaction.”

    That's our "fair and balanced/impartial" media for you.

    This is reminiscent of the occasion in 2008 where a Fox reporter, Brian Wilson, asked for a show of hands at a PA diner of who was going to vote for McCain {which yielded one hand -- besides himself -- and was subsequently smacked down} and who was going to vote for Obama {everyone in the diner} . . . Wilson proclaimed the vote "split" . . .