Once again Romney-Ryan misspoke, lied, flip-flopped, and Etch A Sketched


I'm dizzy. No, no, not from being a ditz, because I'm not a ditz, despite occasional evidence to the contrary. No, I'm dizzy because my head is spinning from trying to keep up with all of Willard's and Lyin' Ryan's constantly shifting policy positions, lies, and "misspeaks" (if that's even a word).

Here's today's edition. Enjoy! And don't forget your Dramamine!

Rachel Maddow tweeeted:

Paul Ryan spokesman says Ryan "misspoke" on bankruptcies:

Fact Check: Paul Ryan's Jimmy Carter Comments...

So did he misspeak or purposefully manipulate the data to make it sound worse?

"He obviously misspoke, but it's still an apples to apples comparison," Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said. "The point remains: bankruptcies are up dramatically under President Obama compared to the Carter years."

Yet it's important to note that bankruptcies are down dramatically under President Obama, compared to the Bush years. [...]

Politicians are known to both misspeak and fudge the data, but not all are as close to the numbers as Ryan, who in Congress studies them himself, instead of leaning on aides to do it for him.

And this:

Campaign won't say if Romney "misspoke" re abortion, but says he doesn't hold position he claimed last month:

Is Mitt Romney shifting his abortion position again?

It's fairly well-known that Romney proclaimed himself in favor of abortion rights when he ran for office in Massachusetts, then reversed himself before launching his presidential bid. But recently, the GOP nominee seems to be softening his opposition somewhat. Or is he?

The L.A. Times is reporting this:

A Romney change on climate science.

At the Republican National Convention last week and in at least one stump speech over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used climate change as a laugh line ridiculing President Obama’s priorities.

But in comments to the Science Debate website Tuesday as part of an online debate organized by a consortium of scientific organizations, the Republican candidate took another position, similar to the more moderate stance he struck last year, when he conceded that the planet was getting warmer.