Video- GOP Convention: Chris Matthews hammers Reince Priebus on "Race Card"


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God FORBID Mika, the supposed DEMOCRAT would have Chris's back as opposed to acting like a vaguely disturbed Mom whose kid just said the F word. Bite me Mika, all of Chris's points were valid and you should have backed him up.

  • flan59

    Quite frankly, I think he took a cue from Solodad O'Brien and heeded Rachel Maddow's call for journalists to start doing their job. He may have done this on his own, but I think SO and RM are helping the cause. We need to keep complementing these TeeVee personalities when they call racism, sexism, or any other ism out for what it is. Tweet Matthews and tell him thanks. Maybe others will catch on. Thank Rachel and Solodad too.

  • flan59

    I have only seen it really come out when Joe isn't there. I don't watch anymore because Joe is so smug and patronizing, so I can't give a good example. I think she acts somewhat like an abuse victim, in that she is very timid around him. He has been putting her down for so long, the fact that she has taken it makes me wonder.

  • This is a "must watch" Mo Jo!

    Later in the show David Gregory shows his absolute love for GW - I swear to GAWD!

    It's only 10AM here but I'm gonna' get shit faced! (won't take much)

    Then we get Mrs. Greenspan :^(

    And thick tongued Barbour - picture me hanging myself here!

  • Who is Mika other than just the blonde "eye candy" prop for Joe?

    I ask that very seriously. What serious questions does she ever ask?

    Given her lineage it's effing shameful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This gave me a new level of respect for Tweety ................ I swear he nailed it!

  • Wow - this clip clearly illustrates the disaster that is political journalism and to  a lesser degree Morning Joe. Protocol now dictates that a politician can go on a show and say whatever they want and not be challenged. Thank goodness for Chris Matthews for calling things as they are. 

  • flan59

    Everyone knows that jokes have a seed of truth to them. This seed of truth is that since Obama doesn't look American "white" and since his name doesn't sound American "Muslim", then he is to be treated suspiciously.

    Mika only talks big when Joe isn't around. Then all she says is "oh, Joe" and crap like that.

  • heidimassey

    Mika couldn't take the heat. She didn't like the conflict. She shouldn't have been in that chair during that conversation. That is the nature of the beast. Chris was on fire and Reince Priebus had no come back to any of his points. It was so mishandled. He held Priebus' feet to the fire and Joe and Mika let him scamper away with no good answers. Wish more folks on tv would do more of what Chris did.

  • WTF is with Mitt's sense of humor?

     So "this birth certificate, a rabbi and a Mormon walked into a bar"  jokes are now sweeping this nation? 

    Just like the practice of carting your pet dog on the roof of your car and assaulting people who got haircuts you don't approve of - THESE are the things that Mittens has recently chuckled over.