VIDEO: Protest at General Mills by homophobe goes very, very wrong


Fired up! Ready to go!


Man torches box of Cheerios in protest of General Mills
strong support for same-sex unions. He gets more FIRE then bargained for.

This one should go viral, it's knee-slappin' hi-larious! The stupid, it burns... literally.

As Markos tweeted:


I have nothing to add to that. He nailed it.

  • HelenRainier

    If he was on General Mills property I hope he is charged with attempted arson.

  • If only his dumb ass had something as grand as a mantle upon which to rest souvenirs, geegaws & memorabilia, his Darwin Award would look marvelous on it!

  • CanadaGoose

    Oh, please.  This closet case has no greater wish than to play Hide-The-Cheerios with teh gayz.

  • jeff725

    You were the Chosen One!! It was said that you would DESTROY the Sith, not JOIN THEM!! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in DARKNESS!!

    You were my brother, Anakin...I loved you.

  • See......being a "hothead against homo's"  doesn't inflame the masses........only YOURSELF.

  • majii

    He is such a responsible citizen that he didn't bring a fire extinguisher and ran off with the fire still going!  ROTFLMBO.