PhotOH! Idaho billboard compares President Obama to CO shooter


Via Think Progress and KATY MOELLER —

Via Think Progress.

Details here.

No words. None.

Actually, I have plenty of words... all unprintable. Feel free to express yourselves in Comments.

  • GottaLaff

    You are absolutely allowed to say that. Just not to fellow commenters.

  • Dennis

    you may not print this but my first reaction: "OH you fucking sick bastards!" Sorry but that's the way  it is.

  • Lawrence Welling

    The truth hurts!!!

  • Walt Mistler

     Semantics aside, the billboard is true.   Brown people we kill in other countries don't matter to most Americans.

  • Jason Rowe

    Let me see: Obama won the Peace Prize in 2009, and while too many have died since then, it's undoubtedly far less than if the RWNJ GOP were in-charge. In fact, the way THEY make it  sound, we'd be at war with Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and who the hell knows WHO ELSE by now. In short, only a Giant Idiot would put up such an advertisement; I smell Karl Rove...

  • charles kirnon

    LOL yea me words