VIDEO: Mitt Romney's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad British gaffe-athon


Via The Daily Mail

UPDATE: VIDEO: London mayor mocks Mitt Romney in front of 1000s, plus UK Daily Mail tweets: “Worse than Sarah Palin… Total car crash.

I woke up to so many Willard Romney blunders today that it's hard to keep up. Being out here on the west coast has its disadvantages, and being three hours behind on all the bullshMitt is one of them.

I'll list and link you to the stories, but start by posing this question to those on-the-fence American voters: Is this someone you'd want in the White House and trust to handle everything from foreign affairs to domestic crises?

  • Here are the local headlines the Republican presidential candidate woke up to: “Mitt Romney casts doubt on London 2012 preparations” (The Times of London) and “Mitt Romney questions whether Britain is ready for Games” (The Daily Telegraph). Both British papers picked up on Romney’s assertion in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams yesterday that the last-minute security issues surrounding the Olympic Games were “disconcerting.” (video above)
  • The Republican presidential candidate told TV viewers in America that it was hard to know 'just how well it ...will turn out'
  • Following the controversy he appeared to change his tune telling the media earlier today 'it's going to be a wonderful 17 days'
  • The American also appeared to forget Ed Miliband's name, referring to him as Mr Leader: "However, during a meeting with Mr Miliband at Westminster, the American made another gaffe as he seemingly didn't know who the Labour party chief was and instead addressed him as 'Mr Leader'."

Whew! And it's only been a couple of days! Stay tuned....

ADDED, via Sully: Mitt said, "The Nation Of Great Britain":

That was Romney's phrase. No such nation exists. The nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all nations under the United Kingdom (since 1800).

Remember: Little things like national security and diplomacy are kind of important if you're running for president. Willard isn't exactly inspiring confidence.

Then there was this:

BBC News: "To look out of the back side of 10 Downing Street and see a venue having been constructed, knowing that athletes will be carrying out their activities almost in the back yard of the prime minister is really quite an accomplishment," said Mr Romney.

The Guardian responds:

Firstly, in Britain, "backside" means "ass". As in the part of the body. Secondly, "10 Downing Street" is often used in political reporting as a synonym for a press spokesman for the prime minister, in the same way as "the White House" can say things or have opinions.

We can only imagine the things he'll say in Poland.

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