VIDEO: London mayor mocks Mitt Romney in front of 1000s, plus UK Daily Mail tweets: "Worse than Sarah Palin... Total car crash."


This series of tweets by the Daily Mail's James Chapman is absobloomin'lutely loverly. Click on image to enlarge. (H/t: @MIkef45)

And then there was Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, mocking Willard Romney in front of thousands as the Olympic flame was used to light a cauldron in Hyde Park:

I chronicled Willard Romney's nightmarish gaffe-athon here.

This Republican presidential candidate is a total and utter embarrassment. Vote for him at your own risk.

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  • That's Slick Willard to you.

  • Can we import Boris Johnson?

  • dissentist

    Google "freedom fries".  A portion of america celebrates ignorance and will take any excuse they can find to hate european countries.

    I feel the same way you do about it, only I'm not so kind as to just use "wow", I tend to use expletives.

  • Wackawackawacka

    I'm Canadian. We're a kind people. 🙂
    ... and we love the entire UK...

  •  I don't know which country you are from, but I thank you, especially if you are American, because I know that American user doesn't represent anyone other than her self.

  • Cussing is never a problem. Direct name-calling, insulting, demeaning, and/or baiting other commenters is the problem.

    And thank you.

  •  Sorry for getting riled up over that other user. It just makes me sad that stereotypes are branded to all individuals of a country even if the person doesn't know them :/ Sorry for cussing.

  • I like this mayor.

  • Who?

  • frozengrape

     Thanks for further proving my point. You can't make any kind of intelligent statement or response so you just try to debase everyone so your simple mind can ignore facts and affirm its view. There's your definition darling.

  • look  at this   dirty   stinking  english mayor   london that  is   full of  pakistanis  and indians  london  is  the  dirtiest  capital in  europe  . the  dirtiest  airport  in europe  is  london  heathrow  and  gatewick  and  satnford .  give  me a vreak  london is  like  egypt   all  muslim lives in london  and  the homless   sleep  at the  airports  and  train stations   and bus  stations    after  visiting london it is  the  dirtiest  place  in the  worls  u ask  for  a cup  of  coffee  from  costa  cafe   they  dont  wash  their cups    restaurants  are  dirty   and streets  are  dirty  what  a stiniking  city   go  clean  your  city  jerk i saw  people   at  belgrave  rd  near  the  queen palace  peeing  behind  cars  they  dont  have  10 pennies  to   pee in  a paid  restroom . moque  yourself  jerk  before  you mock  romney  

  • Wackawackawacka

    Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
    Your Freedom of Information Act and Google is awesome!  A quick search shows me you served time, you felon!  HAHAHA!

  • Wackawackawacka

    LOL, Anthony.  She should get on a real bike and lay off the Crispy Creme, but it can't make up for what mama gave her.

  • Wackawackawacka

    Instead of keeping it a discussion of political figures, you decide to generalize an entire nation.  I'm not English, but geez, this is what makes the world hate you.

  • You're going to point at the midwest when we have the beacon of intelligence that is the south? Your point about the "us" vs "them" mentality is spot on though. There are Americans in EVERY part of the country that would think old Mittens here must be doing something right if he's irritating Europeans. Our elections hinge on a small group of people who vote on the pettiest of things and know absolutely nothing about politics.  

  • No, not really. There is a very uneducated voter base in the midwest of our fine country, but they couldn't even point to England on a map. It's an U.S. or them mentality, they don't differentiate.

  • I am almost lead to believe she is a fake persona created by the Romney crowd to incite bullshit in negative threads about him.

     That ... or the slight mentions of Puerto Rican acceptance through the droping of statehood requirements of english as a native language, that Flipney touched on during the winter interviews got her all hot and bothered.

  • pterid

    It's ironic, because Boris Johnson is also a huge embarrassment and emblem of nepotism and cronyism. He is the son of another politician, born into privilege and connection. He went to the same school (Eton) and university (Oxford) as David Cameron. At university he was in a society called the Bullingdon Club, with Cameron and (chancellor=finance minister) George Osborne, where they all went around deliberately trashing restaurants and paying for them afterwards. He has a reputation for appallingly ignorant statements. Yet somehow, because we are stupid, enough of us actually voted for him and now he is the mayor of London.

  • snarfer

    "country is in the shitter" ...? We still have an AAA credit rating. Does your country?

  • jason404

    Go eat some more donuts, you toilet cleaner.

  •  Really? Your country votes... to annoy England?

    That's just.... wow. Just, wow.

  • Wenjaman

    Bitch, you're fat. Go lose that beer gut.

    An Aussie

  • You know you're ugly too right? I mean, it's pretty obvious.

  • I am an American, and I am embarrassed she is living in the same country as me, and being allowed to have untethered access to the internet to communicate to higher life forms. Go back to Puerto Rico please.

  • matthewcarmody

    Wow!! Maybe McCain wasn't lying and Palin was better qualified as veep than Mittens. 
    We've just begun to plumb the depths of the ignorance that is the GOP anti-intellectual elite.

  • john armstrong

     shes one of mittens people, put here to make his vacuousness acceptable, notice the lack of thought in her response?

  • Jeniffer Vale>A prime example of the downside of the Internet.

  • HOW can you not call this shit out? it's histerical

  • Worse than Sarah Palin? Give me a fucking break. lol TROLL!!!

  • WRONG.  I am making fun of them for stupid things like they are doing to us. They don't like it. 😛 Also learn to read better, I said they have stinky breath not that they are ugly...that's a WHOLE NOTHER THREAD lol did you see the face of the dumbnut who posted this on TWITTER?? LOL There is a face only a mother could love. An English one.

  • I don't need to look up the meaning of stupid because I can't escape it in your statement. Good job. Great example! 

  • AWWWW you called me ignorant LOL I find this to be a common response of total idiots. Keep it up!!! I am having a blast trolling you 😛

  • Yup, at least I know you can read now. You got it, your breaths stinks. ALL OF YOU. Did I mention the only good thing you do is make Dr Who? get back to that I am waiting. Also did you read the part about how horrible your country is doing so you should keep your stupid stinky mouth opinions to yourself. 😉 Ill be over here watching your country slip futher into decline, jut keep talking shit bahahahahahahaha you are so fucking stupid.

  • BradRampersad

    i concure.

  • frozengrape

    Are you so obsessed with Mitt that you feel personally attacked when someone says something negative about him? Look up 'ad hominem'. I warn that you'll probably feel stupid afterwards.

  • youforreal

    You are calling people out on physical appearance? lol. 

  •  Get a fucking clue you ignorant bitch. You believe any stereotype put in front of you. Take a look at Tom Cruises' teeth way back when, before chatting shit.

    No wonder the whole world see's Americans as fat, dumb, ignorant, mindless cunts with people like you representing them.

  • Stick to making me new Dr.Who episodes to watch lol

  • Who cares what you think, you are English. Who can trust people who have such horrible dental hygiene. I a m glad you are on line because I am sure your breath smells like hot garbage even as you type this crap in your brain. Oh and by the way, Your country is in the shitter. SO STFU YOU WANKER.

  • Reid Anderson

     Dude...calm all swing states O leads ( 3 to 9 pts )...this has been the story for 4 months... right now O has 6 different paths to 270....Mittens has one. This England stuff does nothing to change that....after the first " debate " will solidify. My prediction is O 52% and Mittens will be over before the western states polls are fact this stuff in England just serves to add to the perception that Mittens is clueless...I hope he goes to 15 more

  • dissentist

    Great, now there's not a thing on earth us thinking americans will be able to say or do to get the idiots to vote for Obama because they'll now all be voting for Romney just to say fuck you to england..  May as well have Hollande lambasting him in public too at this point.