Bain owned company outsourcing Illinois jobs to China; employees want Mitt Romney to intervene


Willard M. Romney still gets money from Bain Capital through a blind trust held by his wife Ann and investments in the Cayman Islands. And his buddies at Bain Capital are still shipping jobs overseas, still snatching jobs from Americans, including in Illinois.

In a small town like Freeport, laying off 170 workers is a major loss, which is exactly where there will be 170 people newly unemployed, thanks to Bain outsourcing jobs from Sensata Technologies, a Bain-owned plant.

Freeport's population is less than 30,000, and their unemployment rate is at 10.4 percent. Putting nearly 200 people out of work affects the entire community.

Via Progress Illinois:

“When I found out that my job was going to be shipped overseas to China ... at first I was angry, now just five or six months away from unemployment, I’m scared,” said Cheryl Randecker, a Sensata employee who has worked at the plant for 33 years. “As a single mother, I don’t just worry about myself, I actually worry about my daughter."

In early 2011, Sensata, a maker of sensors and controls that are used in aircraft, automobiles, and electric motors, announced it would be relocating the jobs in Freeport to China and closing the local plant. Normal operations have continued following the announcement, but hundreds of jobs are being phased out gradually and final layoffs are set to occur just before the holidays in December.

Merry Christmas!

Now, after years on the job, Randecker won't be able to pay for her daughter’s education, and she's worried about making her house payments and paying her bills. And to make matters worse, she and her fellow soon-to-be-ex-employees have to train their Chinese replacements, which she says is "challenging."

Randecker asked community leaders and organizations to help get Romney to assist them in saving their jobs. Don't hold your breath, Cheryl.

Of course, based on what Bain did under Willard's watch, and on what they're doing now, "job creator" isn't exactly the appropriate adjective for the GOP candidate, now is it? He's always been part of the unemployment problem, not the other way around.

H/t: @joewo

  • Looks like a smart business man to me who takes advantage of all the options that are available to him within the rules/laws to turn a profit.  Definitely the kind of guy we need for America to start turning a profit! Great Stats depicted here. 

  • Not very Christian - but then neither is Mitt Romney the GOP candidate. 

  • I am one of the people at Sensata who are losing our jobs to China so the rich can get richer. It's time to draw a line and say no more. The Outsourcer-in-chief and his team have to be swearing when Freeport, Illinois is mentioned. and that just breaks our hearts

  • 1thebopper

      Rush Limbaugh at it's finest. Illegal immigrants are already in the work force or they wouldn't be here, he has a budget that's been turned down by the republican house whom BY LAW, are the only ones who can pass the original budgetry laws and third, American corporations--by far--pay less taxes today than they have in the last 50 years. You're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own made up Rush Limbaugh facts.

  •  Show us were he's going to hire 1.6 million "illegal immigrants".  Where's that documentation please?

    The GOP blocked every jobs plan and budget proposal he's put out there. Next.

    Corporations pay no taxes. That's been documented.

    Pres. Obama has added over 4 million private sector jobs and that has been documented at this site and elsewhere over and over again. Romney, on the other hand, has fired Americans and outsourced their jobs over and over again, the most recent which as been documented in this very post.

    Do you only watch Fox? Because you are sadly mis/uninformed.


    Mittens is a squeeky clean, god fearing, Mormon, goody two shoes......who can always manage to live with himself if there's enough money involved. 

  •  You're right - the president DOES have a jobs plan. It just involves adding illegal immigrants to the workforce (you know, only 1.6 million more people) while continuing to 1) fail to propose a budget and 2) push policies that HURT job creation, like higher corporate taxes.

    Every election is a choice between the lesser of two evils, and it's clear that Obama must go.

  •  Ironic. You actually threw up?

    Liar 😉

  • majii

    These Sensata workers had better not hold their breaths waiting on Romney to honor their request to help them save their jobs.  If asked by the press about this request, Romney will say he never received it/never heard about it.  He's also now on the record as saying that the president has no jobs plan.

  • Will Mitt try to save these jobs?  I really don't think he'll intercede because he still gets money from Bain and as long as he makes money he doesn't give a crap about hard working Americans.  

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Ah yes - Bain again.  Bain has touched my life TWICE in the past 8 years.  Mitt and Bain can go F themselves.

  • PracticalDemocrat

    I believe, as Mitt would say, the term is off-shoring.

  • HarborGuy

    I saw some RomneyBot on MSNBC today, trying to babble the tired old lines regarding how many "private" sector jobs Mittens had created.

    I choked...threw up...and changed channels.

    Man I HATE freak'n liars.