Cancer patient: "I can tell you that 'Obamacare' I got hate mail from people who said I deserved to die."


Educate yourselves. That's one of the important messages in this must-read op-ed by Spike Dolomite Ward who writes that the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was a matter of life and death for her, because now she'll be able to continue receiving treatment for breast cancer.

You can start the learning process right here, at, which has all the information you need about what the Affordable Care Act does and doesn't do. I gave you a quick rundown of most of the facts here.

Spike Dolomite Ward:

I can tell you that "Obamacare" — at least the part I've participated in — works. A week ago, I had a double mastectomy after five months of chemotherapy. I have been receiving outstanding care in West Hills — no death panels, no rationing, no waiting, no government officials telling my doctors what to do, no denials of tests or treatments, none of the stuff that the plan's critics said would happen.

Six months ago, when I first wrote about my situation in this newspaper, I got hate mail from people who said I deserved to die. But there was also a lot of curiosity and a lot of encouragement and support. Much of the curiosity was from abroad. Canadians, French, Italian, British and Swiss cannot understand why healthcare reform is so politicized here; why most people don't know anything about the Affordable Care Act; how we can be so cruel to one another; and why we criticize their healthcare systems. [...]

Most people do not have any idea what is in the Affordable Care Act, yet public opinion polls find that the majority of Americans are against it. The free press hasn't done its job in reporting the facts. And the Republicans have done a far better job of spreading lies and scaring people than the Democrats have done educating people.

President Obama, the press, elected officials, and pundits need to get out there and explain it as well as the president did yesterday:

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Bam. Start selling, Dems, start educating and communicating, and keep it as simple as President Obama did, because America will get it. Honest.

This country can no longer withstand an uninformed electorate, one that falls for propaganda instead of understanding the facts. It's up to us.

Here is the entire segment:

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(Spike Dolomite Ward is an artist and heads a nonprofit arts education organization in Los Angeles. Her blog Health Hazards is at