Video- Why The Poles Are Overreacting To Obama Speech Wording: BBC Expose On Racist Polish Soccer Fans


Seems like it's been going on for a bit. From Wikipedia-

According to The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism football stadiums in Poland are recruiting ground for extremist organisations.[39][40] Until a few years ago, Neo-fascist symbols were a common sight there.[39][41]

During the Extraordinary Congress of the International Football Federation (FIFA), held in Buenos Aires on 6–7 July 2001, the problem of racism in Polish football was discussed and Polish national football association was called to join the struggle against racism.[39] The problem of antisemitism in Polish football has drawn international criticism. Poland was named as one of the worst offenders, in British MP John Mann report, which describes anti-Semitic incidents in 18 countries across Europe. It was noted that Polish fans routinely call each other 'Jews' as a term of abuse.[42] In April 2008 ŁKS Łódź player Arkadiusz Mysona wore a shirt which said "Śmierć żydzewskiej kurwie" ("Death to Widzew-Jewish Whore", which is a word play, used by the LKS Łódź supporters, who call fans of their local rivals Jews) after a match in the Polish Ekstraklasa.[43] Mysona said afterwards that the shirt was given to him by a fan and he hadn´t checked it.

So, the BBC airs this documentary that gets the Poles all defensive, and the next day the President's speech writer makes a mistake and the Prime Minister gets all frothy over it. Totally overblown, but it seems to me that the PM should take a good look around his own house before he starts criticizing ours. h/t Sullivan.

Headline changed from "gaffe" to wording for obvious reasons. Grassy slag.

  • Who is anti-semitic? Judaism is not a race. It's a religion. However Jews are an ethnic group. There is a difference between a "race" and an ethnic group. Jews are semitic while Poles and Russians are slavic. Austrians and Dutch are germanic. "Foreign" minister is not "attacking" your precious president. Your president offended whole nation of Poland using the slanderous phrase "Polish concentration camps". Millions of Poles died in those camps. First transport to Auschwitz was made up of Polish civilians, NOT Jews. Some 3 millions of Poles were killed during the war. So IT IS pretty offensive to mistake a victim for the perpetrator. It were Polish people dying in those camps, not Americans. You can point what exactly?? That the German nazis were killing Jews and Poles? That Poland was invaded by Germany and Polish citizens were persecuted mercilessly? Do you even realize what your idol of a president did? The phrase "Polish concentration camps" clearly IMPLIES that it were Polish people operating those camps. The problem is they were not. They were dying there.

  • I heard about this....the PM knew that Obama didn't mean any harm.  I'm not sure what his agenda only guess is money.

  • AJ

    While we are talking about language, they are anti-semitic; Judaism is not a race. And if the foreign minister wants to continue the attacks on POTUS, we can point to what happened to many Jews in Poland during and after the Holocaust.