VIDEO- What makes Mitt Romney chuckle: Abusing dogs, gay schoolmates, employees, Medicare recipients, the sight-challenged...


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What a finely tuned, well-developed, tasteful, sophisticated sense of humor Willard M. Romney has. Why, who wouldn't find it difficult to stifle a giggle when discussing animal abuse, assault with a deadly weapon (scissors), bigotry, firings,and cutting programs for those in need

And somehow, despite all those rib-ticklers, Mitt didn't remember some of his most notable "pranks"? And by "pranks" I mean vicious, sociopathic behavior.

He was eighteen years old-- not nine or ten-- when he attacked someone as they cried and screamed for help. Yeah, well, maybe that's exactly the kind of moment that slips a bully's mind, but not the bullied, ever, as I can personally attest. Ever.

Glad ol' Mitt got such a chuckle out of all those youthful indiscretions, they make him seem so "wild and crazy," so... "human." Just ask his equally crass supporters, including his economic adviser wife.

How is it that Republicans find it so easy to slam six-year-old Barack Obama for eating dog meat that was fed to him, but find it so offensive when their own candidate is scrutinized for his adult mistreatment of his own dog and young-adult physical and emotional abuse of fellow classmates and a severely sight-challenged teacher?

And speaking of "severely"... the vetting has only just begun, but it's becoming quite clear that Romney is severely unqualified to hold office.

Family values my ass.

  • Thank you!  Mitt Romney's inappropriate chuckling bothers me every time I hear him speak. He has a nervous Beavis-and-Butthead heh-heh-heh going on when he talks about just about any subject. He did it during the debates. He does it in interviews. Rachel only scratched the surface with the few examples she aired.

  • Bose

    I had only read Romney's response to the assault allegations.  Hearing him leaves me angry.

    Let's just say it:  He still finds it funny that he assaulted the kid.  To whatever extent he doesn't remember the assault, he freely accepts that it was the kind of thing he might have done.  And why not, if the mere mention of it gets him giggling?

    Now let's think about real-world, present-day collateral damage.  He's telegraphing what a great, funny time he had bullying classmates to his 18 grandkids.  It's a family legacy!  C'mon kids, what can you do to keep the Romney traditions going!  Not to mention, strong, strapping conservative kids everywhere -- hey kids, is anyone irritating you with their "wrong hair"?  As long as it's funny, gather a few friends, corner him or her, and take care of it!  Hilarity will ensue for the rest of your life, though it's better to not quite remember it, or upload the video to Youtube.


    A person with anything resembling a moral center would be showing somber regret and supporting full-on prevention of bullying. 

    But, oh yeah, we know how Mitt followed up as governor -- defunded the anti-bullying commission focused on LGBT kids because it linked his precious name with youth Pride events and refused to drop LGBT kids as their named, specific focus.