Ann Romney "knows what it's like to struggle". You can tell by her $990 tee shirt.


Yesterday Paddy posted Ann Romney on Mitt: ‘There’s a wild and crazy man inside there’. The photo above is a screen grab from that video.

That quote was bad enough. What makes the "to know us is to love us" moment worse is what she's wearing in that vid. No, I'm not criticizing her taste in clothing... just marveling at the price tag. Via Syleite:

According to a saleswoman at Krakoff’s Madison Avenue store, [Ann Romney's] silk tee costs $990.

Now, now, before our trolls get all huffy, nobody is saying being rich is a bad thing. We'd all love to have as much money as the Romneys do, but come on, there is so much hypocrisy going on here, it makes a 99%er's head spin.

First, the Mrs. Willard who owns the nearly-$1000 tee is the same one who knocked her multi-million dollar brains out to prove to voters how she "knows what it's like to struggle" just like us:

But see, Ann, many of us struggle to buy one lousy $9.90 shirt at Cheap Tees R Us AND cope with health issues.

Note to Romneys: One way to help Americans relate to you better is to attempt to be just a weensy bit like us (or at least learn how to empathize).

And that's not the only problem. The GOP has spent years blasting Democrats for being "detached elitists," for getting $400 haircuts (never mind Paul Ryan’s $350 wine), for wishing more kids could attend college, or even for enjoying wind surfing.

Meanwhile, their own candidate pals around with owners of NASCAR and NFL teams, buys his spouse not one, but two Cadillacs, uses car elevators, and renovates his $12 million home by adding on 3,600-square foot basements... and foots the bill for $990 tee shirts.

For a little perspective, a headline from the L.A. Times about Michelle Obama's wardrobe during the 2008 campaign season reads, Michelle Obama's cheap dress drives others to don the same:

A picture's worth 990 words.