Ann Romney "knows what it's like to struggle". You can tell by her $990 tee shirt.


Yesterday Paddy posted Ann Romney on Mitt: ‘There’s a wild and crazy man inside there’. The photo above is a screen grab from that video.

That quote was bad enough. What makes the "to know us is to love us" moment worse is what she's wearing in that vid. No, I'm not criticizing her taste in clothing... just marveling at the price tag. Via Syleite:

According to a saleswoman at Krakoff’s Madison Avenue store, [Ann Romney's] silk tee costs $990.

Now, now, before our trolls get all huffy, nobody is saying being rich is a bad thing. We'd all love to have as much money as the Romneys do, but come on, there is so much hypocrisy going on here, it makes a 99%er's head spin.

First, the Mrs. Willard who owns the nearly-$1000 tee is the same one who knocked her multi-million dollar brains out to prove to voters how she "knows what it's like to struggle" just like us:

But see, Ann, many of us struggle to buy one lousy $9.90 shirt at Cheap Tees R Us AND cope with health issues.

Note to Romneys: One way to help Americans relate to you better is to attempt to be just a weensy bit like us (or at least learn how to empathize).

And that's not the only problem. The GOP has spent years blasting Democrats for being "detached elitists," for getting $400 haircuts (never mind Paul Ryan’s $350 wine), for wishing more kids could attend college, or even for enjoying wind surfing.

Meanwhile, their own candidate pals around with owners of NASCAR and NFL teams, buys his spouse not one, but two Cadillacs, uses car elevators, and renovates his $12 million home by adding on 3,600-square foot basements... and foots the bill for $990 tee shirts.

For a little perspective, a headline from the L.A. Times about Michelle Obama's wardrobe during the 2008 campaign season reads, Michelle Obama's cheap dress drives others to don the same:

A picture's worth 990 words.

  • Personally, I think Ann Romney sold herself to the highest bidder.  She is little more than a whore, in my opinion.

  • Okay lets be real here i know women personally who were 350 dollar Jimmy Chu's and i also know women who by 350 dollar purses, so a pair of shoes that cost 600 dollars is not out of the realm of possibility for a woman, any woman. You know it and i know it. But a 1000 dollar T-Shirt is a bit much. 

  • Larry

    $990 for a t shirt? Do they realize this could have provided meals for 1000 people who have nothing! Michelle Obama with her 1.4 M personal staff and $ 20000 dresses even more.
     Sure these expenses are a drop in the bucket as far as the national debt goes, but wouldn't it be nice if the Powers-at-be would show some effort that they are ACTUALLY on the side of the low to middle income people that constitute 99% of us,  and have to do without and pay higher taxes and less federal benefits ( Social Security, Medicare, etc.) I am terrified as to the turn of this country where the " rich get richer and who cares about the rest of us". The country is in a turmoil and it would be nice if those who have a say-so could be on our side for a change and not FLAUNT  their personal and or tax payer perks to all of us.

    I am a Vietnam Vet who fought for this country that is now only benefiting the RICH!
    I also thought a Swiss Bank account was set up for one reason and only one, to avoid taxes and to hide money.

    Tired of all this!!

  • holdbar

    Like Ann, if every woman in America stayed home with the kids, productivity would be half what it is today.

  • Jane Hawes

     True.  It's not the money.  It's not the clothes.  It's the hypocrisy, the sense of entitlement, and the stunning cluelessness.

  • Michelle Obama was working where? Oh, a soup kitchen. Ann Romney was worrying about dressage horses and her two Cadillacs.

    You missed the point entirely. Read the post again. It couldn't be clearer.

  • lop2bwp

    Given how expensive the clothing that Mrs. Obama wears is, do we really want this to be a discussion?  Michelle  wore a pair of $600 Lanvin tennis shoes to work in a soup kitchen, and they were just as ugly as this shirt is.  While no one ever said money can buy taste, they both pay for their own clothes, they can afford them, and it's none of our damn business what either of the women spends on their clothes.

  • It must be made to last forrrrrrEVER! I get wardrobe at the "Worn-A-Bit" shop.

  • David G.

    I have nothing against Ann -- or should I say I had nothing against Ann until she opened her mouth and suddenly became a spokesperson for her husband.  When she railed that raising five boys was work, I could agree with the sentiment -- but how about the women who raise any number of kids, and have no help and certainly not the money and resources to buy anything in the store, if not the store itself.  So let her squawk all she wants, she's a rich "bi&%$" and she, like her husband, will never understand the middle class -- other than "Oh, them.  Yes, they work for us."  DG

  • With tax, it certainly is over $1000.  Well, I'm assuming she paid tax on that thing...