VIDEO- Pres. Obama: "I assumed that people meant what they said when they said it...That's been my practice."


Earlier I posted the difference between GW Bush and President Obama regarding their attitudes and actions toward (and against) Osama bin Laden. (Osama bin Laden Watch: The so-called “vigilance” of George W. Bush)

Bush's credibility was non-existent, while the president's was bolstered exponentially. But that didn't stop Willard M. Romney from opening his big flip-floppy mouth (see video of that moment at the above link). Nor did it stop Republicans from trying to belittle the president's victory.

Obama responds:

Via Think Progress:

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent reports that “by invoking Carter in this fashion, Romney may have effectively undermined his whole argument.”


... Carter did give “that order,” as Romney puts it. In April of 1980, Carter ordered the launch of an American military operation designed to rescue Americans held hostage in Tehran. [...]

And so, by invoking Carter, Romney is reminding us that Obama’s call — like Carter’s — was anything but routine, was fraught with major risk, and ­­could have ended with the loss of American lives and the destruction of the Obama presidency.

Mike Breen, the vice president of the Truman Project:

Romney is undermining his own point... He’s invoking a decision that cost Carter his presidency. Obama bet his presidency on this operation. It’s troubling if Romney thinks it was an easy decision.”

"I assumed that people meant what they said when they said it." Not when they're nickname is Etch A Sketch, Mr. President.