Meet Judge Number 3 in the Trayvon Martin case


Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester, Jr.; Source: Florida Court Administration via Bloomberg

Via Newser:

Judge No. 3 is Kenneth Lester Jr., and he will preside at Zimmerman's bond hearing Friday morning. Lester has the reputation as being tough but fair in the courtroom. "He basically told me it should not be hard to make the right decision if you follow the law," his daughter tells the Sentinel.

Actually, it should not be hard to follow the law, period. I'm talking to you, George Zimmerman.

Lester has been a judge for 15 years. The reason he's Judge No. 3 is that Judge No. 2, Circuit Judge John Galluzzo, had to say no because he once practiced law with Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's lawyer. And Mark O'Mara is also the godfather of one of Galluzzo's kids.

Lester will preside at Zimmerman's bond hearing this Friday.

As the Stomach Turns continues, via The Orlando Sentinel:

He is popular with attorneys and has a reputation for doing things quickly.

Orlando attorney Wayne Klinkbeil was an assistant public defender assigned to Lester's courtroom when the judge first took the bench in 1997. Lester, he said, is a very good judge.

He is consistent, a tough sentencer, Klinkbeil said, "very in control of his courtroom, very straightforward with expectations." [...]

The judge has a great deal of experience with criminal trials, including high-profile cases. He gave Michael Reynolds two death sentences plus a life prison sentence for beating and stabbing a Geneva couple and their 11-year-old child to death in 1998.

Lester sentenced ax murderer and handyman John Michael Buzia to death in the slaying of a 71-year-old Oviedo man.

He also likes to play Beatles tunes on the piano. Let's hope "Happiness is a Warm Gun" isn't one of them.


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