Poll-itics: President Obama easily beating Mitt Romney among U.S. women... again. ("On every issue")


Per the new Reuters/Ipsos poll, both men and women favor the president over Willard M. Romney on-- wait for it-- family values.

After all Republicans do to force their so-called morals on the country, after all that insistence that their family values are better than anyone else's, that women's reproductive rights are no longer their own but belong to the government and their intrusive trans-vaginal probes, that gay Americans can't marry, that certain people need voter identification whether it's accessible or not, after all that, President Obama comes out ahead with his priorities.

This is but a snapshot, and as always, we still have to be very concerned about GOP super PAC money/sugar daddies, voter suppression, and Obama hatred. We still have a whole lot of work to do:

(Reuters) - American women favor Barack Obama by a 14-point margin over Mitt Romney, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday, despite the recent partisan "Mommy Wars" flap over the role of women in society.

Fifty-one percent of registered women voters support the Democratic president, according to the poll, compared with 37 percent who favor Romney [...]

In a potentially troubling sign for Romney as he tries to overcome the traditional gender gap, in which women generally favor Democratic candidates over Republicans, more women voters rated Obama stronger on every issue.

In yesterday's CNN poll, President Obama beat Willard by 16 points among registered female voters, and among the general public, by 52 to 43, with a 48 to 43 lead with independents.

For now, at least, voters aren't thrilled with Candidate Etch A Sketch.