VIDEO: Per Zimmerman's friend, Trayvon Martin's killer didn't use a racial slur, see, it was a "term of endearment"


Via Think Progress.

Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, has a buddy, Joe Oliver, who went on ABC and proceeded to give a most asinine, far-fetched, insulting rationalization for Zimmerman's "f'ing coon" utterance on the 911 tape.

Apparently, "goon" is the spiffy new "term of endearment" from the under-forties these days, and gee, come on, that's what Trigger Happy George said, everyone. Besides, as Joe says, "coon" is, like, so five minutes ago and nobody uses THAT old slur any more.

George Zimmerman must be really hip and love blah people and stuff.

Call me crazy, but have any of you or your kids' BFFs called you/your kids "f'ing goon" during one of those special affectionate Kodak moments?

So we're supposed to believe that George Zimmerman was experiencing such overwhelming feelings of endearment while pointing a gun at Trayvon that he spontaneously uttered, "F'ing goon."

And then shot him. Talk about tough love.

I bet he was blushing, too, being the mushy, cornball, sentimental fool that he is.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sensing a surge of emotional terms coming on that I'm feeling for both Zimmerman and his pal. Watch out, here they come: F'ing #%&*#!! #&@*!%  $%@*!^&$!!

More facts on Trayvon Martin that everyone should know here.

UPDATE: "Goons" is not the, er, "term of endearment" that I hear:

H/t: @Chernynkaya and Mediaite for the vid.

  • dandy

    Wonder how much they paid this idiot? There are not enough morons on earth to dispute the facts of the case.  A fucking goon, coon, or balloon; Who gives a rat's ass? Zimmerman murdered an unarmed kid......................PERIOD!

  • Mitelcert

    There always must be one. It's called a " rent-a-nigga", and every racist white person have access to one.

  • The tape sounds clear enough to me, the term was "coons" and it was not endearing. What I would like to know why can't they do a voice comparison of Zimmerman and the person yelling for help on the tape?  That fact would end all speculation as to who was the aggressor and who is the murderer.

  • I'm there, and I tweeted it too. Thanks!

  • pigboy


  • pigboy

    You might find this interesting. It is a link to the City of Sanford website. It has a whole bunch of transcripts from the Trayvon Martin shooting.

  • And this is why I adore you.

  • pigboy

    No you do not call them a term of endearment when you are about to shoot them and when you are afraid for your own well being.

    You cannot reason with these people.

    They have their beliefs and they are going to stick to them and if they need to say Zimmerman said "goon" to justify the murder of Trayvon Martin they will. 

    Some how they can make everything about this murder go away if they change one word.

    They will never see, "the idiotic Stand Your Ground law, the police response, and the way the case was handled ...." as the ongoing problem it is.

  • That's exactly right. And they are in a no-win here, since, as lwdgrfx said, the word "coon" is audible, "f'ing" isn't too endearing either, and Zim is no victim.

  • pigboy

    RawStory has similar postings on this article. They are long winded, circular arguments that go no where. Totally off topic and I think they are designed to make Zimmerman the victim. They want to somehow justify what he did and support their racism.

  • Exactly. Goon/coon... a bullet is a bullet.

    The race aspect of this is important, but it's the idiotic Stand Your Ground law, the police response, and the way the case was handled that I'm concerned about.

    And once and for all, you don't call someone a "term of endearment" while you're shooting them.

    And once and for all #2: The tape is clear. "Coon."

  • lwdgrfx

    Not a single entry has 5,000 votes as you asserted.  The salient point, for a start, is that Zimmerman did not say 'goon' - he said 'coon' - prefaced by 'f***ing'.  There's no way you can change that - it's clearly audible on the tape - and Zimmerman was Hispanic, not black, not talking to one of his buddies about whom, if black, he might have used the word 'goon' - though I seriously doubt that's a real usage -  but to a younger man he wanted to kill. 

  • pigboy

    Oh you shouldn't have......... thank you for calling me a fucking goon and for that swell piece of lead in my skull..... It's like a second Christmas.....

  • You said it had 5000 votes. Then you said 3000. When I went, it had about 3000 up votes. Thumbs down means they voted against, not for.

    If you meant total votes, then there were about 5000. Either way, what possible difference does it make? You don't call someone a "term of endearment" and then shoot them.

    Next, read our guidelines. "You clearly can't read then" would be a violation. If you want to comment here, you'll have to avoid being condescending and snide.

  • roadmouth

    You are simply unable to read then. The second entry for goon - a real man clearly has more than 3000 thumbs up and more than 2000 thumbs down. More than any other entry.

  • I went. None had 5000 votes.

    That said, how endearing can the term be if he's shooting the guy he's calling a "goon." Which he's not. He's scrambling for excuses.

    And finally, as the post says, listen to the tape on the video. He's saying "coon".

  • Maarten Albarda

    2 seconds using google reveals this. See second definition with more than 5000 votes.

  • DobieTracker aka onejrkitty

    We are asked to rely on information he says he got from his teenage daughter as to the fact that "goon" is a term of endearment and his own research that "no one under forty uses "coon" as a racial slur anymore?"

    Gee, guess that's good enough research for me !  Who is this jerk???

  • Joshua Kricker

    A term of endearment? WHAT THE F**K????? Really? Zimmerman ever call this guy that? 

  • This is another form of black on black crime,smh!We cannot stick together for anything!!There is no wondering about why we are treated the way we are treated,it's because of butt-wipes like this!It wasn't HIS son that Zimmerman murdered in cold blood and is now using everything he can grasp to stay free,because if it was, he would not be so smug!! For all we know,this guy could be on a higher- ups payroll!This just seems too convenient for Zimmerman to now be coming up with all of these so-called black friends,and probably coming up!Even if he did associate with certain blacks,it still does not mean Zimmerman is not a racist!How many evil,lying, conniving people state that they are not racist, and know deep down they have plotted a plan for the next one!!Come on!Evil people have smiles on their faces and knives awaiting to stab at any given moment,it's called being fake!!

  • pinknlynn

    Mr. Oliver better pray that pain isn't visited upon his family like it was for Trayvon's parents. Life has a way of making you remember callous words and behaviors.