UPDATED: PhotOH! Tampa man selling racist "Don't re-nig" anti-Obama stickers


UPDATE: His site has been pulled down. Good riddance.


Original post:

Two Twitter pals discovered this disturbingly racist excuse for a human being and dug around the Internets, quickly finding out that his name is Robert Kowalchuk. They did that simply by clicking on his "Add to Cart" button, which leads to his PayPal page where his email address is prominently displayed. Then, by Googling that email address, you find this page:

Robert Kowalchuk is a U.S. company in TAMPA, Florida, belongs to Unclassified industry.

He sells these:

That's only a small sample.

People like this still exist in USA 2012. I had to physically type those words out to remind myself that it's not a bad dream, that it's right there in black and white (no pun).

And this Alexandra Pelosi video of Mississippi residents was another nasty jolt. We so badly need to educate and inform so many people in this country who are filled with hate and pass it along to their  children, perpetuating this very sad, very shameful state of affairs.

Big h/t to @themanknownasx and @VegasJessie

  • tilla

    Hey, Moderator? Could you please delete my comment above?  I didn't think about the off chance that somebody could give him a heads-up. Thanks.

  • tilla

    I know who it is, and he's in Arkansas.  I'm going to contact his district of the Anti-Defamation League. The SOB was also selling them on eBay last year until they banned it. I don't have his real name, but I have his license plate number and town. The Tampa seller is probably a friend, because he grew up in Florida.

  •  I don't think anyone at TPC has ever generalized about Floridians. In fact, the weekly spot I do on the radio is hosted by Nicole Sandler, a Floridian, who is fantastic.

  • Ms1drfl

    He is a poor excuse as a man.  How easily they forget where they come from.  It is the Indians and Blacks that built this country that they stole and continue to steal.   We should all realize that this country will not longer be about black and white, it will be mixed races.  One big melting pot.  Let stop the racism and move this country forward.  Let's concentrate on getting our jobs back from overseas and putting other people work instead of our own.  America will never prosper as long as the racism continues.  God will continue to knock us down with all types of disaster because of such hatred. 

  • motorfingaz

    Well, its time for people like yourself to speak up and demand this madness stops.

  • motorfingaz

    I've been telling people since Pres. Obama took the oath that the evil confederate devils will expose themselves.

  • IntelligentFloridian

    Why does it have to be in Florida?  Those of us who are FL residents and actually use our brains to think get enough flak already...I swear to you, people, we aren't all stupid! I was born and raised in Florida, I'm a fifth generation Floridian, and I am disgusted by this. Please don't let the idiots make you think the whole state is like this.

  • Obamajack
  • Obamajack

    Robert Brotzman sells the same shit at dontre-neg(dot)com  he is at 1540 Collingswood Avenue
    Marco Island, FL 34145-5835 Just sayin..

  • Obama

    dontre-neg.com is selling similar gear.  Go the the PayPal check out and the name Robert Brtozman appears.  Search his domain account and see that his is hosted in Marco Island, FL. Where a Robert Brotzman lives at 1540 Collingswood Avenue Marco Island, FL 34145. Just sayin.

  • Obama

    here is more...

  • It must be. How many people have that name? Thanks for the link!

  • Test

    I wonder if it is this guy?  http://www.bustedmugshots.com/florida/tampa/robert-kowalchuk/21622991

  • Um, it's anti-Muslim?

  • GeorgeOSmith

    What's wrong with that last sticker?  I don't love religious people either...

  • Kate

    The last one cracks me up because people STILL haven't realized that Allah and God are the same being.  Allah is the Arabic translation of God because they speak a different language! Duh!

    I'm not surprised people like this still exist because they'll always exist.  The amount of people may decrease, but there will always be some around.  I just ignore it now.  If you don't like me because of my skin color, something I have absolutely no control over, then, IMO, you're the one with a problem. 

  • Anon

    I had a neighbour who about 18 months ago to
    Florida for retirement, she moved to 'The Villages' and it appears that it is a republican retirement community, she was just here to visit and said they get a newsletter every week with republican propaganda, apparently they all think Obama is trying to take away their
    guns (because this is what they are told' I should add that my neighbour has never shown interest in politics, but believes this because that is what they are told.

  • This is the type of "race card" racist are offended by. 

  • >People like this still exist in USA 2012.
    Yes - and Trayvon Martin was murdered summarily and in cold blood in the same state, same nation...

    People - not the POTUS, who gave his "More Perfect Union" speech almost exactly four years ago; and who justly said that re the Prof. Gates arrest that the Cambridge PD had acted stupidly, before he caved - must stand up and combat this hate. At this point it seems our nation is sick with a recalcitrant disease of white supremacy/nationalism. The poisonous "real Americans" GOP rhetoric of the 2008 POTUS campaign was the overture to all this.

    But I don't mean to be pessimistic: that arch-bigot Rush is on the ropes...Who knows what's possible, when people push back?

  • Oh my God, why does everything festering, foul, and penicillin-resistant always tend to erupt and gather critical mass in Florida, America's globally-warmed and low-hanging pustule?

  • What an a**hat.  They say we Dems are the haters, but I feel like what we do is respond to their initial nastiness.  

    You make me sick to my stomach:'0<