UPDATED: PhotOH! Tampa man selling racist "Don't re-nig" anti-Obama stickers


UPDATE: His site has been pulled down. Good riddance.


Original post:

Two Twitter pals discovered this disturbingly racist excuse for a human being and dug around the Internets, quickly finding out that his name is Robert Kowalchuk. They did that simply by clicking on his "Add to Cart" button, which leads to his PayPal page where his email address is prominently displayed. Then, by Googling that email address, you find this page:

Robert Kowalchuk is a U.S. company in TAMPA, Florida, belongs to Unclassified industry.

He sells these:

That's only a small sample.

People like this still exist in USA 2012. I had to physically type those words out to remind myself that it's not a bad dream, that it's right there in black and white (no pun).

And this Alexandra Pelosi video of Mississippi residents was another nasty jolt. We so badly need to educate and inform so many people in this country who are filled with hate and pass it along to theirĀ  children, perpetuating this very sad, very shameful state of affairs.

Big h/t to @themanknownasx and @VegasJessie