How they're going to kill Medicare and Social Security


This is a guest post by my buddy and Blunt video contributor, SaturNine (@Satur9). Wise words:

Mitt Romney's grandstand play of declining Medicare Part B today is a lot more worrisome than you think.

On Twitter this morning, a common response was "Oh, he's worth a quarter-billion dollars, why doesn't he announce publicly he's not taking Food Stamps?" But that is EXACTLY the argument that the Republicans want you to make.

This is their plan for killing off Medicare and Social Security: First, frame the argument that they're welfare.

Social Security was originally referred to as old age insurance. It, and Medicare, were designed as insurance programs. You pay into them when you don't need them, they pay out when you do. Just like any other insurance.

The right wing's plan is to make us stop talking about them like they're insurance, start thinking of them as need-based plans. When they win on the terms of the argument, they're halfway to winning the argument -- the next step is supposedly fiscally necessary savage cuts to these "welfare" programs.

Do not succumb. Do not let them frame the argument by comparing Social Security and Medicare with Food Stamps or any other need-based program. They're insurance. We're paying into them so that they'll pay out when we need them. End of story.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    I'm tired of reading about  trained helplessness, as if there is nothing we can do, so we better just shut up and stop complaining.

    I like the positive attitude of the Occupy Movement. Their exact opposite attitude is we can effect positive political change on a national level.  In this case, we can do something to save Medicare and Social Security.

    The real reason why our Fascist Democrats and Fascist Republicans have not been able to kill either program is because Medicare and Social Security are both wildly popular with voters of all ages from 18 to 108. As long as we stick together on this issue, we will continue to win.

  • ecsb

    Social Security and Medicare is INSURANCE and NOT CHARITY.