Analysts: White House, Congress have little control over gas prices; Reid: GOP exaggerates benefits of Keystone XL pipeline


Yesterday I posted Rachel Maddow's excellent segment on the tar sands goop that's still polluting Michigan nearly two years after a spill. Yet Republicans, and some Democrats, are still pushing the Keystone XL pipeline, ignoring the obvious irreversible dangers and stats on how many jobs would really be created.

The Hill has two separate posts that address these issues:

The recent run-up is fueling election-year political battles and thrusting White House energy policy into the spotlight, with Republicans blaming President Obama and the White House working hard to deflect criticism. [...]

But because gas prices are tethered to oil prices, which are set by global markets based on a slew of complicated factors, energy experts say there’s not a lot U.S. lawmakers or the White House can do, at least in the short term.

It's a world market, you one-track "drill, baby, drill" Republicans. Doesn't the GOP read The Hill? Or understand how this works? Or care about the future of our planet? Including your own families? Profits over people, right?

Answers: Maybe. Maybe. No. No. Yes.

Meanwhile, today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said this (at about 8:00):

"It won't lower the price of oil. Construction won't be complete for a long, long time... And under the way it's constructed now, all the oil would be sold elsewhere. We can't have that. When I say elsewhere, I mean to some other country."

As for all those jobs that the GOP claims would be created, the numbers have been greatly exaggerated.