AUDIO- Dana Loesch: I won a "big battle" with Keith Olbermann; trans-vaginal ultrasound = consensual sex.


Depiction of a trans-vaginal ultrasound


Via . H/t: Think Progress

Via Think Progress:

According to [Dahlia] Lithwick, an unnamed Republican delegate made the same argument in support of the bill, saying women consented to being “vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.”

Sorry for getting too personal here, but I speak from experience when I tell you that I've (unfortunately) not only had an internal ultrasound, but I've also gotten pregnant (happily!) after having consensual sex.

To state the obvious, they are in no way similar.

Now to take it to the next level: Forced trans-vaginal ultrasound rape (that the Virginia state House committee approved for any woman choosing to have an abortion) is unwanted, unapproved vaginal penetration. The patient is helpless to refuse it and her privacy is clearly being invaded. Equating being coerced into an uncomfortable gynecological medical procedure to mutual intimacy is, in a word, twisted.

Then again, maybe if and when Ms. Loesch ever has sex, it reminds her of being involuntarily probed by a cold electronic probe. Hey, whatever turns you on.

Sidebar-- Note to Michele Bachmann: Dictating that anyone undergo this kind of procedure without consent, let alone comparing it to making love, is not pro-woman.

  • Bdub

    Totally fair, as long as the man who got her pregnant gets an anal probe!

  • TimFromLA

    Maybe these politicians are trying to prove their manhood? The bigger the phallic symbol the more of a man they are. Republicans get blown when I quote Howard Stern. I say,  "I hate being Asian American. I am so small, I can't break a Cheerio." They get flabbergasted and say, "WHAT? You're that tiny?" And I say yeah what about it? So then they ask: "Don't you feel inadequate?" I respond back to them: When you have a one night stand (which many brag like we did in Jr and Senior high), who are you pleasing. her or you?" This shuts them up. They feel so inadequate that they do stupid things like the stupid wand. Or ban contraception. Conservative men want control. Rape is illegal but not banning choice.

    When a person is satisfied with their sexuality, the issues is nil. So if I truly am hung like an ant, there is petting...that's why the Indians created Karma Sutra...hey wait, they're Asian too

  • Djamescollins43

    I saw recently a quote attributed to Robin Williams; " God made man with a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time."  That's what seems to be happening here. I'm not a native but I live in VA and find its political positions reprehensible. f I could, I'd move.  This is another example of republican double speak. Campaign on jobs etc. govern on legislated morality and government intrusion into our bedrooms and sex life.

  • TimFromLA

     Hell have Republican men take a syphilis test.

  • Anonymous

    My word...'twisted' indeed!!!
    That is one sick & nasty woman...not to mention unbelievably judgemental..."they had no problem..." What?!
    None of your's or anyone else's bloody business!!!

  • she is really a piece of bitch ...

  • How odd...sorta "Big Government" intrusion [bad pun intended]...doncha think?

  • Of note: A pelvic exam is also very unlike heavy petting.

  • Dana Douche is just that, a friggin' douchebag. KO would eat her up and spit her out. Just for being a nasty bile tasting douchebag. 

  • TimFromLA

    Oh that is sick! I mean ultra sounds are bad enough, radio-waves and what not, but a vaginally? What the F are men thinking???