Poll: Republicans on Verge of Political Death


Yep, D polling, but if even 3/4's of it is accurate, there's going to be some serious whining pretty soon. Another fun study here. Via-

The survey was conducted for Democracy Corps and Women's Voices, two Democrat-oriented research and advocacy groups.


--Sixty-eight percent of voters disapprove of the Republicans in Congress, a 22-point increase from a year ago.

--Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, gets a negative rating from 47 percent of voters. About 32 percent give him a very negative rating, up 7 points since last month.

--Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who is vying with Romney for front-runner status in the GOP presidential race, gets a negative rating from 38 percent of voters and a positive rating from only 29 percent.

--Among the reasons for the Republicans' decline is a public perception that they blocked a payroll tax-cut extension (which has now been approved) and their perceived focus on social issues when the voters are most concerned about the economy, according to the poll.

--President Obama leads Romney among unmarried women by 65 to 30 percent, up from a lead of 54-37 for Obama at the end of last year--a huge factor in the president's overall upswing.