Poll: Republicans on Verge of Political Death


Yep, D polling, but if even 3/4's of it is accurate, there's going to be some serious whining pretty soon. Another fun study here. Via-

The survey was conducted for Democracy Corps and Women's Voices, two Democrat-oriented research and advocacy groups.


--Sixty-eight percent of voters disapprove of the Republicans in Congress, a 22-point increase from a year ago.

--Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, gets a negative rating from 47 percent of voters. About 32 percent give him a very negative rating, up 7 points since last month.

--Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who is vying with Romney for front-runner status in the GOP presidential race, gets a negative rating from 38 percent of voters and a positive rating from only 29 percent.

--Among the reasons for the Republicans' decline is a public perception that they blocked a payroll tax-cut extension (which has now been approved) and their perceived focus on social issues when the voters are most concerned about the economy, according to the poll.

--President Obama leads Romney among unmarried women by 65 to 30 percent, up from a lead of 54-37 for Obama at the end of last year--a huge factor in the president's overall upswing.

  • KansasDem

     They know they'll be able to run anti-Obama ads w/o accountability .......... and I can guarantee you that there are enough ill-willed and gullible Americans to get a Santorum elected!

  • KansasDem

    This should be true! I hope it is.

    We're actually seeing and hearing just a tiny bit of what I see and hear every day here in Kansas.

    Todays Republican party has one agenda, roll things back to the late 1800's socially!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make no mistake about it!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I am paranoid, but I don't think you can be too paranoid and comes to your country and its leadership, but I think the Republicans are going to pull something out of a hat.  They would be doing all of this birth control stuff in so many other actions that they know the people are against if they weren't sure they were going to walk away with the election.