VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Welfare recipients should be drug tested, "a great idea."


First there was Georgia, now there's Willard supporting Georgia, by saying he thinks drug testing welfare recipients is "a great", no, even better, "an excellent idea."

Civil rights advocates, meanwhile, have been quick to challenge the constitutionality of drug testing bills that were passed last year, and courts blocked similar bills from being implemented in Florida and Michigan.

Civil rights aside for just a moment, not only is the number of people who use drugs and who also benefit from government assistance extremely low, it's not exactly cost effective either. So, the "They're all addicts!" talking point has been debunked, and the program is costly.

And Wise Man Willard thinks this is a "great" idea. Of course, he thinks outsourcing is too, along with "personhood," corporate personhood, marriage inequality, and abusing his dog.

  • David G.

    There's only one fair way to bring this about.  Test every elected official, especially to congress on a weekly bases before they can pick up their pay checks.  And these officials must pay for the test themselves -- no superpacs to cover this expense.  And the results should be posted for the public to see.  Maybe if we knew who were the offenders, we wouldn't have idiots like Boehner and McConnell leading the other idiots.  They're just sick and should be given help.  DG

  • Otisah

    I notice that no politician who supports drug testing for people on welfare, food stamps, et al., never actually explain how drug testing all those people is supposed to be paid for. They promote a policy that will cost state and federal government tens of millions of dollars a year, yet never discuss funding. Is this the one acceptable program they'll raise taxes for? Do they plan to cut more from social and education programs instead? How will they pay for the regular drug testing of everyone who is on welfare?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the push for drug testing for welfare comes from the Barons d'ALEC?  It sure sounds like the anti-poor, anti-middle class tripe they push every day.  This has also been introduced in Utah, which is the petri dish for whatever poisonous culture ALEC comes up with.  As far as I'm concerned, when they start requiring the Masters of the Universe on Wall Street and the rest of the corporate welfare queens--who've taken trillions out of the taxpayers--to pee in cup, then it will be OK for poor people.  Not before.

  • Anonymous

    My question who pays for the drug tests? The states or the recipients. This is going to cost the tax payers more money and enrich the drug testing companies. Who benefits? Not the recipient of welfare but the drug companies who have more than enough money. Another layer of bureaucracy because these asshats are service to self and I so sick of them. I hope and pray everyday that the American people will vote out these jerks and elect people who who represent them and do away with corporations controlling our elections and country.

  • Lester Ayers

    i think all republicans should be drug tested becaus they say a lot of stuped thing just because they think the american people not paying attention to them