VIDEO- Mitt Romney heckled about Cayman Islands, fracking


A worried, and clearly exasperated, woman challenged Mitt Romney about fracking. His reply:

"Don't get so upset about it, madam. It's not worth getting angry about!"

Really? Toxic chemicals shot into the earth that are causing major health and environmental problems are of no concern to you?

Silly question. My bad.

"I don't recall hearing about water being on fire..."

Good god, Willard, what mansion of a rock have you been living under? "Gasland" was even up for an Oscar, you out of touch 1%er! Or maybe you're just lying... again.


"Do you think it's patriotic of you to stash your money away in the Cayman Islands?"

Willard's response, short version:

H/t: Our old pal @AKaczynski1