The new Bikini Graph struts its Obama job creation stuff.


Look who's posting the famous Bikini Graph in postcard form... And with good reason:

8.3% is a number, among others, that the GOP is trying to avoid.

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  • Billythreetone

    Anamerican  is not contributing to the discussion, simply name calling. Heard of  the phrase "ad hominem" attacks?

  •  "Job creators"? The Fox talking points have arrived! Those wealthy "job creators" have had their taxes cut since Bush was in office... and he lost hundreds of thousands of jobs... none were "created." Give me a break. Facts are facts.

    The graph says it all... Obama's "created" 4 million jobs, had two years of growth, and top economic experts, even GOP, have confirmed that.

    Bush's tax cuts, unpaid-for wars, and unpaid-for Medicare plans were never part of the budget. Obama added those in, and has compensated for Bush's idiocy.

    If you're going to come here and parrot Fox, don't. They're not credible, nor are your comments.

    Thanks for visiting.

  • gobnait

    It's patently absurd for a moderator to post personal political comments while 'editing' those of others.  How is it fair that you control the narrative?

  • gobnait

    Obama's overreaching regulations, threats of higher taxes on the job creators and  the uncertainties surrounding Obamacare are PROLONGING the recession that 82% of Americans polled believe continues.  Small business owners are afraid to hire and afraid to expand their operations. 

  • I think could enlighten you better than I can. That's where the details of the full plan are. Do read it.

  • gobnait

    How exactly?  By the ever increasing premiums that are already rising or the  $500 million Obama is taking out of Medicare? Do enlighten us.

  • That "law" will help the economy if it ever gets to take its full effect in 2014.

  • Robertbubba2

     And if Mr. Obama had focused on the economy first instead a law [ that looks like it will be overturned] for his personal achievements we would be in a whole lot better shape now !!!! He wasted a year and a half !!!!!!!

  • gobnait

    Why not parade this graph in the faces of those 1.2 million folks who dropped out of the job market recently? I'm sure they'll be so relieved to see it. Since the administration knew they couldn't get away with announcing the jobless rate went down, they decided to leave it at 8.3% for we wouldn't catch on.





  • Just as what happened to the economy on Bush's watch landed the responsibility for it on him, same goes for Pres O.

    You can't blame Obama for a bad economy and not blame Bush, nor can you credit Obama but not credit Bush for what happened when he was in charge.
    President Obama's policy's have helped the economy, that much is clear from the data, just as Bush's drove it into the ground.

  • Mark

    anyone who thinks that the upswing in job creation was caused by obama is an idiot.

    no president is that powerful or that smart.  The economy, and job creation is a complex organism with millions of players and millions of inputs.  

    Obama can push a button here, pull a lever there.  but in the end, he or any other president is not smart enough to control the beast.

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  • Anamericanwhocares

    your head must be stuck way up Barry's anal canal.

  • Anamericanwhocares

    We should hang a "I am a failure" placard on his back and put a dunce hat on his head. Then make hin stand in the corner until he quits talking...or just take away the telepromter.

  • Sally

    When I heard that this morning, I could smell the smoke coming from the ears of the GOP leadership. They so want unemployment as far above 8% as they can get it. They are the ones waving the 8% threshhold around...when it goes below, they have NOTHING to hang on this President. Love it! Go Obama! Think how low it could be if the GOP had cared one iota about creating some work for people. It they had not demonized public workers all over this country, I think we'd be at about 5% now.