The Romneys converted Mitt’s dead atheist father-in-law to Mormonism



I am an atheist, and I wouldn't want anyone "converting" me after my death. As if I'd even know or care, right? But I do now, it's the thought that counts, and I don't appreciate that kind of thought, or action for that matter.

Via Gawker:

Ann Romney's Welsh-born father (who Mitt mentioned in last night's debate to shore up his pro-immigrant bona fides) was an engineer, inventor, and resolute atheist who disdained all organized religion and raised his children accordingly.

So what did the Romneys do? Respect her father, who he was, his clearly defined viewpoints? Nah, why would they do that?

No, they tried to convert the guy, his daughter (Willard's now-wife) and other family members. Most did convert, but not father-in-law Edward Davies.

But then he had to go and die.

According to this entry in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' genealogical database, Davies was baptized as a Mormon at a "special family meeting" 14 months after his death. [...]

[I]t's an exceedingly odd way for the Romney family to honor the memory of a man who was committed, for his entire life, to the notion that organized religion is a fraud.

Speaking of frauds.

Hey, Romneys: