Video- Huckabee Wants To Know If Obama Got College Loans "As A Foreign Student"


Yep, just a folksy country preacher who has no problem breaking the ninth commandment. Via.

  • No Huckster It was not a 10 point run away I believe it was 12  An hell no Obama don't need to release anymore then the rest of them but old Newt can whip out his record of workings with Fanny an Freddy before Nancy Pelosi lays it out!

  • Sally

    What a couple of morons. As if it matters who the GOP puts up. Obama wins in a landslide, because he is still the only adult in the room. And Huckster, that 'foreign' stuff is getting pretty stale. I don't think your buddy Sarah is even using that one any more. By the way, where are YOUR long form birth certificate and your college grades?

  • Blather, rinse, repeat . . .