Rick Perry donor defects to Mitt Romney, cites Perry's "vulture capitalist" attacks


Poor Willard, he's getting rightly criticized for being a cold-blooded kajillionaire who profited off the backs of laid-off workers. Then Rick Perry referred to Romney as a "vulture capitalist", which apparently didn't sit too well with one of Ricky's very own donors:

Columbia, South Carolina (CNN) One of Rick Perry's leading financial supporters in South Carolina is defecting to Mitt Romney – and he told CNN Thursday that Perry's sharp criticisms of Romney as a "vulture capitalist" were the main factor in his decision. [...]

[Bundler] Barry Wynn, the former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and a financial adviser in Spartanburg, said the escalating rhetoric about Romney's business background is "destructive." [...]

"It's hard enough to make that case for capitalism, and to have people in our own party attacking the case, it's not good for the party or good for the country," he said. "It kind of falls into this politics of envy that the Obama campaign is going to be all about between now and November."

Um, Barry? After having observed Willard, his tin-ears, his icy cold attitude toward the 99%, his "corporations are people" moment, and the "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" video, a lot of us aren't exactly envious.

The reason you defected is because you knew you made a huge mistake by shelling out money to a loser like Ricky the WonderDunce and decided to go with who has been all but declared the GOP presidential nominee.