Democrats Dominate Twitter, Gaining on GOP in Other Social Media


These are things it is very important to remember when we get going next year, along with this study that shows "Progressive" is the most positively viewed political label in America.

The long Republican domination of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter appears to be ending, and that's good news for President Obama and congressional Democrats because it signals that liberals are getting energized for the 2012 election, according to a new study provided to Whispers.

While Republicans still have a lead on Facebook, Democrats have overtaken them on Twitter, a strong indication that the Democratic spin on social media over jobs and the economy is taking off, according to the site

"If the numbers indicate that Democrats are beginning to dominate on social media, this could be an early indicator of what's to come during the 2012 election cycle," writes OhMyGov's Andrew Einhorn.

He adds: "Both parties have been highly engaged in a public relations blame game for a poor economic climate, a rising national debt, the downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, and congressional stalemates over legislative priorities such as passing a federal budget. It appears, according to social media data, that the Republicans are losing that PR battle and more citizens are siding with the Democrats. Should the trend continue, Republicans may be lining up for a huge loss come November.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is hard for some people to accept, Paddy, especially if one is a diehard conservative!

  • Anonymous

    Do you get paid by the word? 'Cause you need to work harder. C'mon, get a grip and go lurk on the RWNJ blogs, we don't do that here.

  • I'm not sure if this is a joke or not? It is the kind of empty rhetorical garbage that you appear to be rejecting, so I think it is a joke. I mean, you seem to reject intolerance in one sentence, but in the next state your intolerance with an entire party, and it appears you want politics to be more ethical, and yet want to steamroll change over people whether they want it or not (which is unethical and contrary to the freedom, rights, and protection of property on which the USA was founded). I think your post was a joke, right- you were purposefully demonstrating how incoherent and illogical people can be, right?

  • Avfadul

    Statements so real! Twitter is becoming a real force dealing with all issues facing Country and future of same. Politics no longer Ethical, It is now run by an intolerant relative morality that  has empowered an uncaring and irresponsible political attitude in office, not concurrent with need of the people! Twitters are mostly united on democratic side. Republicans facing an intelligent and cohesive force! Change, in all matters of our world, takes its time; it has begun and will not be stopped!